CEO's Message

The Times They Are A Changing

Over the past few months, the ICHRIE Board of Directors and Executive Committee have had frequent discussions about the need for our association to adapt and change in order to grow. In today’s business environment, we are in the fastest-changing communications and technology landscape we’ve ever been in. Twenty-five years ago most of us were just beginning to have an email address, and now it’s hard to imagine life (or business) without email. Ten years ago Facebook didn’t exist, and now one-and-a-quarter billion people and millions of businesses use it daily to communicate.

Even though we are in the hospitality and tourism industry, there’s no doubt that technology has played—and continues to play—a huge role in changes in our industry. These changes mean we have to change! We can choose to change with the times, to take advantage of new opportunities in our industry and to grow our association. If we fight the changes or refuse to adapt, we will likely watch our association fail.

But change is very hard for us as individuals and perhaps even more difficult for organizations. The status quo can be so much more than comfortable. It’s easy to fall into the pattern that it’s somehow somebody else’s responsibility to make change happen. How often have we heard that recognizing the need to change will not affect different results if we are unwilling to do things differently?

International CHRIE needs to be an ever-continuing adaptable, pliable organization if we are to experience growth. There is a powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win and it’s not possible to build an adaptable organization without adaptable people. Individuals and organizations only change when they feel they want to or when they feel it is necessary. For ICHRIE, the times they are a changing and the ICHRIE board of directors is committed to making that happen.

It is my hope that if you are not already serving on the ICHRIE board of directors or serving on one of ICHRIE’s many committees that you will consider helping us to manage the coming evolution of ICHRIE. Please consider serving on an ICHRIE committee, participating in one or more ICHRIE special interest groups or serving ICHRIE in a leadership capacity.

Dr. Maureen Brookes is currently chair of the ICHRIE Nominating Committee and they have begun work to determine nominees for the 2017 ICHRIE elections. The positions up for election in 2017 are Vice President, Secretary, Director of Conferences, Director of Education and Director of Marketing. Please contact Dr. Brookes right away at if you want to know more about any of these ICHRIE leadership positions or if you are interested in being considered for nomination.

Charles Darwin states, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” It is my hope you will consider helping International CHRIE to manage that change as we adapt, evolve and grow.


Kathy McCarty

Chief Executive Officer