CEO's Message

Digital, Clear, Fluid and Fast

At our ICHRIE Annual Business Meeting held during the annual summer conference this past July, ICHRIE Past President Bob Bosselman installed the newly-elected 2015-2016 ICHRIE Board of Directors. When our volunteer leaders take their places on the ICHRIE board, they are charged with representing the best interests of the membership and they are looked to for guidance, leadership and direction to do what is in the best interest of our members.

During our most recent ICHRIE Board of Directors meetings, there were several discussions about the current and future needs of our members, about the results of the recent member survey and about the goals of our new 2020 strategic plan. One suggestion made during these discussions was the idea of needing to look at everything with a fresh set of eyes. We have many members who have served for decades in service to ICHRIE. We have a staff that has almost 40 years of combined service to ICHRIE. This long-standing service of our volunteer leaders and staff has been an asset to ICHRIE but the world and how business is conducted is changing rapidly and we must adapt. As we begin to implement our new strategic plan, we need a fresh set of eyes to prevent us from clinging to outdated business and leadership paradigms.

The world—and the ICHRIE membership along with it—is changing. The baby boomer generation is now retiring and Millennials (defined as persons born in the 1980s and 1990s) are creating a “new normal” in which social media has permanently altered the way progress is made. We must heed the Millennial mantra of being digital, clear, fluid and fast:

  • DIGITAL: Incorporate and embrace both the technology and the mindset that frees people to innovate, to be proactive and to remain agile
  • CLEAR: Adopt a “new” kind of transparency by communicating and sharing more to increase the speed and quality of decisions
  • FLUID: Empower people to take ownership, lead change and continuously create new value while remaining open to “going back to the drawing board” if any new idea or decision doesn’t produce desired results
  • FAST: Anticipate demands, identify and solve problems faster and adapt to industry changes ahead of the competition
This “new normal” will require us to consider new ways of working, managing and leading. It will require new strengths to drive business results and values. Our new ICHRIE 2020 strategic plan gives us the perfect opportunity to start shifting our own culture by changing processes and facilitating new behaviors among members and staff. From how we use technology to how decisions are made and problems are solved, we must make whatever changes are needed to dramatically increase innovation so we can start seeing more engaged members, higher value partners and greater strategic agility.

Millennials will soon make up the majority of the American workforce. As we begin implementation of our new strategic plan, we can use this time wisely to prepare for the future by being digital, clear, fluid and fast.


Kathy McCarty

Chief Executive Officer