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Are You a Participant... or a Bystander?

With much hard work on the part of ICHRIE Vice President Maureen Brookes and the ICHRIE Strategic Planning Committee, we have begun the process to develop a new strategic plan for the organization.  We have been referring to this initiative as the ICHRIE 2020 Strategic Plan and late last month you were sent a broadcast email asking you to complete a short survey.

Information gathered from this 2020 Strat Plan survey will be analyzed and used by the Strategic Planning Committee to formulate a new strategic plan for International CHRIE. The survey should only take a few minutes of your time to complete and your input/ideas as an ICHRIE member are needed. If you have not already taken the survey, you can find the survey at

I know that there is not usually one week that goes by that we are not being asked to complete “a short survey,” but I encourage every member to take a few moments from your busy schedule to complete the survey. The deadline for completion is October 15—which is just a few weeks away! This deadline was selected to give the Strategic Planning Committee a few weeks to analyze the feedback and to prepare a preliminary findings report for the ICHRIE Executive Committee’s meeting being held during the IH/MRS show in New York in November.

I’m hoping that apathy won’t kick in and that you’ll make a choice about whether or not to complete the ICHRIE 2020 Strat Plan survey. I’m hoping you will choose to be a participant and not a bystander. According to the Random House dictionary, a bystander is defined as a “person present but not involved; a chance spectator; onlooker.” Synonyms for the word bystander include observer, viewer, passerby, witness; rubberneck and sidewalk superintendent.

When you participate in ICHRIE initiatives, you are helping the organization to move forward and helping us to live closer to our mission, values and goals. When we ask for your input and ideas, if you choose to be a bystander—just an observer, a viewer, a passerby, a witness, a rubbernecker or a sidewalk superintendent—then International CHRIE is losing out on the chance to get the broadest spectrum of valuable ideas and information. An idea you have may just be the seed that causes a paradigm shift or a true transformation in the future of the organization.

For many volunteer organizations and most groups of individuals, there are those who always lead the charge to participate/contribute and there are always those who can be encouraged (or prompted) to participate/contribute. Included with those participating, there are those who choose to stand/sit on the sidelines and illustrate the “bystander effect” that so many psychologists and sociologists are discussing.

The collective brain power of our ICHRIE members is awesome. We have the best and the brightest minds from the greatest universities and corporations around the world. We are asking for and need your input on the 2020 Strat Plan survey. Will you be a participant?

Kathy McCarty


Kathy McCarty

Chief Executive Officer