CEO's Message

ICHRIE Happenings

This is the time of year when much is happening. The annual ICHRIE elections have been held, the votes have been tabulated and the results have been verified by two ICHRIE Past Presidents. The ICHRIE board of directors and staff welcomes our newly-elected volunteer leaders: Vice President Amit Sharma (Penn State), Treasurer Toni Repetti (UNLV), Director of Industry Services Brook Luedke (Hyatt) who has been re-elected for a second term, Director of Research Qu Xaio (Hong Kong Poly) and Director of Membership Eric Brown (Iowa State). Please join the ICHRIE board and staff in expressing congratulations!

I’ve been in the association world for many decades now and I always am proud to say that the many ICHRIE members who serve in leadership positions are the hardest working volunteers I know. Serving on an ICHRIE or Federation board or on an ICHRIE or Federation committee requires a greater amount of time and higher level of dedication than most people realize. We would never be able to accomplish the goals we have without the dedication of our volunteer leadership.

One of the questions I often hear from members not currently serving in a leadership position is: “How can I get involved?” Some who have asked this question have told me that they do not feel well enough connected to follow a leadership path within ICHRIE. That means we need to do a better job of making the whole process more transparent to our members.

Normally, during the months following our annual summer conference are when we begin the process of asking members whether they want to serve on committees. If people are not clear, perhaps we should ask more often and perhaps we could hold discussion sessions during conference for members seeking volunteer leadership positions on the board. The steps/actions to make it more transparent are easily done. I plan on talking with incoming President Mokie Steiskal and incoming Vice President Amit Sharma about how to move forward in a more transparent vein.

I already know that based on discussions that I’ve been having with current Vice President Steiskal that we need to look at how we appoint members to the Strategic Planning Committee. We revised our strategic plan last year and are discovering several key challenges that need to be addressed if we want to ensure our strategic plan goals are accomplished. The overall responsibility for the ICHRIE strategic plan and the Strategic Planning Committee falls under the purview of the ICHRIE Vice President—which changes every year when a new ICHRIE Vice President is elected. We need to make sure that an effective transfer of responsibility occurs each year and we need to have at least four or five people appointed to the committee who are willing to serve multiple years on the execution of our current strategic plan. If you are an ICHRIE member interested in serving in an important leadership role, please consider serving on the Strategic Planning Committee. Please email either me ( or Mokie
( if interested.


Kathy McCarty

Chief Executive Officer