CEO's Message

Moments in Time

This year we have something big to celebrate—our 70th anniversary! We’ve designed a special logo for the event and are planning many ways to recognize this milestone through this year as well as during our annual summer conference in July.


One of the many ideas to celebrate this “birthday” of International CHRIE is to create a timeline of important moments and milestones that have occurred during our seventy years. I have volunteered to work on this timeline and to get feedback and ideas from the ICHRIE Past Presidents’ Council. As many of you know, those who have served ICHRIE in the past as president (and who now serve as a permanent member of the Past President’s Council) will be able to act as a tremendous resource on this project.

As I begin working on this ICHRIE timeline, I keep thinking about the fact that there are many individuals who are long-term members of ICHRIE—people who have not necessarily served in the role of ICHRIE president, but who have been ICHRIE members for decades. I plan on asking these members for their suggestions on what moments in our long history they feel are important to include in this ICHRIE historical timeline. People like Rocco Angelo, Ernie Boger, Nick Hadgis, John Drysdale and Jerry Vallen will be hearing from me to find items dating back to the early years of ICHRIE! If there is someone you know or can think of who should be contacted as well, let me know at

As of right now at least, the project will illustrate important and interesting facts about the history of CHRIE broken down by each decade. With this project covering eight decades, I encourage all ICHRIE members to share any and all moments from the 1940s through the current 2010s. I have no doubt that upon completion the project will include some well-known facts. It will be interesting (and fun) to see what facts we can unearth that turn into a surprise for all of us.

The beginning of this project has been given a huge help forward by Dr. Bob Bosselman, who has long held the moniker of ICHRIE historian. Years ago (in late 1995), Bob authored a paper to record some of the most historical moments in the history of CHRIE. This paper provides many key CHRIE historical facts. If you are interested, this paper can be found on the ICHRIE website at

If you have any input on key CHRIE historical moments, please send them to me so I can add them to the timeline. If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can celebrate our 70th anniversary either during the annual summer conference or throughout the rest of the year, send those to me as well. Dr. Michael O’Fallon, ICHRIE Director of Marketing, and the ICHRIE Marketing Committee are currently working on celebration ideas and would welcome any ideas.

I encourage everyone to attend the Dallas conference and take part of our 70th anniversary!


Kathy McCarty

Chief Executive Officer