CEO's Message

The ICHRIE Family

On my trip back home after attending the APAC CHRIE conference in Auckland, New Zealand, I had time to reflect on the many wonderful experiences I had while there. I always enjoy attending our federations’ conferences because it gives me the opportunity to see different parts of the world and to meet members who may never venture across the ocean to attend one of our ICHRIE summer or U.S. federation conferences held in the United States. I’m always delighted to speak with members and fascinated by the types of questions I get, especially from newer members.

In one conversation with one member, we talked about ICHRIE and the work on our new strategic plan. During the conversation, this member expressed his hope that now that he’s a member of APAC CHRIE he will be able to save up so he can join ICHRIE. I’m always a little surprised when it becomes obvious that a member doesn’t realize that ICHRIE is not a separate organization from any of its federations. It makes me realize we need to make more of a concentrated effort to explain how membership in ICHRIE “works.”

When an institution or an individual joins CHRIE, they are joining International CHRIE. We are a nonprofit organization with almost 1,300 members in 58 countries. To help members to network and connect with members in own their geographic area, International CHRIE has currently divided up the world into six (6) geographic regions…or ICHRIE Federations. There is one federation for Europe (EuroCHRIE), one federation for the Pacific Rim (APAC CHRIE) and four federations for the Americas (Northeast North America, South East Central and South America, Central and West). After joining ICHRIE, each member is “assigned” to one of our six federations based on the member’s geographic location. So someone who joins International CHRIE and lives in Paris, France would be assigned to the EuroCHRIE federation; someone who joins ICHRIE and lives in Lima, Peru or Orlando, Florida would be assigned to the SECSA federation; someone who joins ICHRIE and lives in Tokyo, Japan would be assigned to the Asia Pacific federation.

The bylaws of International CHRIE—which are our governing organizational documents—provide specifics on the criteria and requirements for the formation and operation of each ICHRIE federation. Each of the six ICHRIE federations has its own set of bylaws that govern how they operate, but these bylaws are all modeled after the ICHRIE bylaws and have to be approved by the ICHRIE board of directors. Our ICHRIE Secretary is charged along with the ICHRIE Bylaws Committee to monitor and make sure each federation’s bylaws are in alignment with ICHRIE bylaws.

When an institution or an individual join CHRIE, they join International CHRIE with ICHRIE as the parent organization and each federation as offspring. So, let’s all make sure we send out the message to all new members who join (and all current members if needed) that they are part of the ever-growing (and evolving) ICHRIE family.


Kathy McCarty

Chief Executive Officer