President's Message

Behind the Scenes...

By the time this article is published, ICHRIE members in the northern hemisphere will hopefully be welcoming in Spring (even if it does bring with it April showers), while those of you in the southern hemisphere will be preparing for more autumnal conditions, whatever they may be in your country. Regardless of where we are geographically and seasonally, April also marks a countdown to our annual ICHRIE conference. I thought it might be timely therefore to report on the work that has been undertaken behind the scenes (so to speak) since our last conference.

You may recall from the Annual Business Meeting in Orlando and from the Communiqué (August, 2015), that the ICHRIE Board agreed a new ICHRIE 2020 Strategic Plan in July, 2015 and with it, an ambitious action plan for the year. I am delighted to report that we are making excellent progress against our action plan under the guidance of the ICHRIE Vice President Mokie Steiskal, as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. However, we would not have been able to make this progress without the hard work and dedication of your elected Board of Directors (at ICHRIE and Federation levels); staff in the ICHRIE office and numerous other ICHRIE members who have volunteered their support.

Our first target was the publication of a special issue or an education-themed Communiqué in December. I do hope that you have taken the time to read through that publication and the research special issue last month. These publications are respectively down to the hard work and commitment of Rachel Chen, ICHRIE Director of Education and her education committee and Amit Sharma, ICHRIE Director of Research and his research committee. Our goal with these special issues is to share best practice in teaching, learning and research across our global community in a pragmatic and user-friendly fashion. We could not have done that however, without members from each of our 6 Federations taking the time to contribute to these issues. We owe these members a big thank you. We will be publishing two more special issues this year and hope that members from across our Federations will continue to contribute and support what I believe is a worthwhile initiative. Our next special education issue will be published in June under the theme of ‘innovation’ and we are busy now soliciting relevant contributions from our members.

Sheryl Kline, ICHRIE Director of Networking, and her committee have also been working hard behind the scenes developing exciting new initiatives for this year’s annual conference and for future conferences. I do not want to say too much here as I know Sheryl will be providing you with an update. However, I do want to say that you won’t want to miss our gathering in Dallas and ICHRIE’s 70th birthday celebrations, currently being coordinated by Michael O’Fallon, ICHRIE Director of Marketing and his committee.

There have been further efforts undertaken on your behalf by Godwin-Charles Ogbeide, ICHRIE Director of Membership and his committee on the ICHRIE Mentoring Programme, and by Rachel Chen for the Career Academy (see the conference website for more details). We have also made progress on the ICHRIE Talks videos, our new peer-reviewed publication route. We will be piloting the production of these at the 4th Annual NENA Conference at Boston University, with the support of the NENA Board of Directors and members. By the time you are reading this article, we should be in a position to develop clear guidelines for the production and publication of these videos. George Fennich and his committee appointed to investigate the possibility of a global conference will soon be reporting back with their findings on the feasibility of this initiative.

Our progress with all these initiatives would not have been possible however, without the support of Kevin Anderson, Amie Grayson and Sam Kohli who have worked hard under the guidance of our CEO, Kathy McCarty. I for one, am very appreciative of all their efforts to support our action plan on top of their regular duties and think they deserve a thank you from us all.

So while we have been busy behind the scenes since Orlando, we have more to do before our 2016 conference in Dallas in July. We will be providing you with a further update of where we are against our ICHRIE 2020 Strategic Plan at the conference. We hope to see you in Dallas to share this news and to share a 70th birthday toast. We also want to hear your feedback on all of these new initiatives.

With kind regards,