President's Message

Celebrating Our Members

My last article was in the July 2016 Communique. Since then, I have assumed the position as President of ICHRIE and the associated responsibilities. Also, in my last article, I asked that you who were attending the 70th Anniversary ICHRIE Conference and Marketplace in Dallas, Texas, to visit a committee or Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting. If you were unable to attend the conference, you could research the ICHRIE website to find the committees and SIGs. Your purpose was to find a committee or SIG which ‘fit’ you by virtue of your interests or expertise. Belonging to a committee or SIG provides personal benefits to you as you network with others who share your interests and as you develop your leadership skills.

Several members have volunteered to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee, and others have volunteered for other committees. I want to thank those of you who answered the call! It is not too late for those of you who have not as yet indicated your interest. One of the major responsibilities I have is to get committee assignments in order, and I am working on that now.

And, yes, the ICHRIE conference is over for this year. Planning has begun for the conference to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, next July. But I am sure that as you get back to work, you will remember something from this year’s conference that will help you do your job better this year. There were wonderful research presentations, industry speakers who talked about ‘purposeful change’ and how that might impact your organization, new technology in the industry, topics to help improve teaching, Career Academies for Leadership, Research, and Teaching, networking opportunities with long time and new friends, and so on. One of the things I have always enjoyed is the opportunity to talk with people who have to address the same ‘issues’ in the classroom or in educational leadership roles as I do because I always get a new perspective on how to better manage the issue or approach a solution.

As I encourage you all to become contributing members of ICHRIE, I want to recognize the leaders among us who have done just that. An Annual Awards banquet is held during each conference where we honor those who have contributed to ICHRIE and the hospitality industry in so many different ways. And so this year I had the privilege as the President, along with the CEO, Kathy McCarty, to present awards to those who have helped ICHRIE achieve its 70th anniversary. Patrick Moreo was awarded the Howard B. Meek award which is the highest individual recognition that an ICHRIE member can receive. George Fenich received the Stevenson W. Fletcher Award which is given to an individual member for outstanding achievement in contributing innovative ideas that have forwarded teaching, learning, or practice in the field of hospitality and tourism education. ICHRIE also recognizes an individual educator for contributions as a chef/educator with the Chef Herman Breithaupt Award. This year the award went to Jackson Lamb. The McCool Breakthrough Award is given to a group, individual, school, college, or organization that has made a unique contribution to ICHRIE’s mission. This award was presented to the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver. The John Wiley & Sons Research Lifetime Achievement Award went to Muzzo Uysal. The John Wiley & Sons Award for Innovation in Teaching went to Ali Green. And there were so many others… There are more awards and more winners to be found on the ICHRIE web page under Awards.

Congratulations to all of you!