Who Does What?

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Advertising Sales (Publications) Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Affinity Programs Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Allied Organization Liaison Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Alligator Hour Coordinator Sam Kohli skohli@chrie.org
Awards Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Board Liaison Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Budget Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Bylaws Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Career Academy Coordinator Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Case Study Competition Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Chapter/Federation Monthly Reports Membership Coordinator
Communique Copy Coordination Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Communique Graphic Layout Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Conference Marketing Membership Coordinator
Conference Notification Letters Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Conference Paper Review Process Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Conference Planning Amie Grayson
Conference Schedule Amie Grayson
Conference Scripts Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Conference Sponsorships MPIRE Management bsiske@mpire-group.com
Employee Recruitment/Training Kevin Anderson kanderson@chrie.org
Employee Management Kevin Anderson kanderson@chrie.org
e-Store Membership Coordinator
Eta Sigma Delta Honor Society Sam Kohli skohli@chrie.org
Facilities Management Kevin Anderson kanderson@chrie.org
Faculty Internships Sam Kohli skohli@chrie.org
Finance Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Financial Development Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Financial Monthly Reports Outside CPA Firm finance@chrie.org
Frequent Recruiter Campaign Membership Coordinator
Fundraising Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
CHRIE FutureFund Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Grants Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Guide to College Programs Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
ICHRIE Penn State Research Reports 
Amie Grayson
Industry Partnerships Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Case Studies Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education Editing Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Leadership Rosters Sam Kohli skohli@chrie.org
Membership Database Sam Kohli
Membership Marketing Membership Coordinator
Membership Posters Membership Coordinator
Membership Rosters Sam Kohli skohli@chrie.org
Mentoring Programs Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Minutes Collection/ Coordination Sam Kohli skohli@chrie.org
Personnel Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Public Relations Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Restaurant Challenge Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org
Special Interest Groups Membership Coordinator
Staff Oversight Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Staff Travel Coordination Kevin Anderson kanderson@chrie.org
Vendor Coordinator Kevin Anderson kanderson@chrie.org
Volunteer Leadership Kathy McCarty kmccarty@chrie.org
Website Content Outside Vendor webmaster@chrie.org
Website Design Outside Vendor webmaster@chrie.org
Website Upgrade Amie Grayson agrayson@chrie.org