Strategic Plan / Vision 2015

According to the Bylaws of International CHRIE, the current presiding Vice President serves as chair of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and is responsible for communicating the strategic plan regularly to all ICHRIE constituencies.

The ICHRIE Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is charged to meet, either in person, via conference call, or electronically, and work with the ICHRIE staff to conduct an annual assessment of internal strengths and weaknesses, monitor actual and potential external or environmental influences, develop one-year and five-year plans, and review ICHRIE progress on its plans annually.

The Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) directs members and activities of the committee to ensure that the committee meets its goals and objectives. The Strategic Planning Committee chair:

  1. Guides members in developing objectives.
  2. Informs committee members of objectives and their expected contributions and responsibilities.
  3. Prepares meeting agenda and distributes relevant information to all members prior to meeting.
  4. Presides over committee meeting to ensure adherence to major issues and purpose.
  5. Prepares committee meeting minutes in timely manner and forwards a copy of all committee-approved minutes to the ICHRIE office for archive purposes.
  6. Provides ICHRIE President with names and terms of all committee members’ potential appointments.
  7. Encourages active participation by committee members in activities of the committee and of ICHRIE.
  8. Prepares committee status reports for the ICHRIE Board, Executive Committee and annual report for general membership.

2008 Strategic Plan & Vision 2015

The Board of Directors of International CHRIE approved the new Strategic Plan for 2008 to 2015 at the ICHRIE Conference in Atlanta in August. This plan is designed to revitalize, reorganize and refocus the work of the organization. The Strategic Plan was created based on the outcome of the Vision 2015 Workshops held over the last two years. For more information on the Strategic Plan and Vision 2015, download the files on the right side of this page.

Comments / Questions?

Questions regarding the ICHRIE Strategic Plan can be directed to the ICHRIE Vice President, Maureen Brookes, at