Industry Day Sessions

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Industry Day sessions at the Annual ICHRIE Summer Conference are in-depth and thought-provoking looks at industry topics and trends impacting the corporate hospitality community. This is your best opportunity as educators, researchers and directors of hospitality, tourism and culinary programs, to learn about the issues facing the next generation of industry leaders and educators.


Session I | 1:15 to 2:45pm

Topic: Industry Best Practices ...With Research & Curriculum Game Changers
Join our industry partners as we discuss the top four areas in the hospitality industry... Human Resources; Sales and Marketing; Food and Beverage; and Rooms Operations. Each company partner will share best practices and innovations as well as revealing recommendations for research and focusing direction on curriculum.  How often would you like the inside track on what industry needs for viable research? Or how many times do you wish you knew the difference between something that was a testable idea and a major change in the industry that you would like to incorporate into your curriculum? Join us, as we share collateral data, best practices and a panel discussion between major industry partners.


Session II | 3 to 4:30pm

Topic: Where are the jobs?  The inside track from Industry Leaders 
Join us for the how to's on coaching your students for job placement. It's more than the resume. And not all students are equal. Join this dynamic panel of recruiters, job placement experts, and career promotion specialists so you can learn to follow the hospitality careers. We work in one of the greatest industries in the world. Do you believe? How do you go about selling to your students, their parents, the community that hospitality is an awesome industry to work in? How do you top grade your students? Join this session and learn how to help your students get ahead in the job search and connecting with recruiters and industry jobs this session will be filled with how to's, resources and where to look for jobs.  Don’t miss this round table, fun paced ,resource rich session for the educator, job seeker or administrator.