Asia-Pacific CHRIE Federation

APacCHRIE, Gearing up for 14/10!


The number “14/10” is a combination of the number of years APacCHRIE has been existing since being founded in 2002 by Prof. Kaye Chon, and the number of years it has been a federation of ICHRIE, since 2006. Since then, the past 13 presidents1 have all worked hard to make what APacCHRIE is now today!

The APacCHRIE Board 2015-20162 was elected during the APacCHRIE Auckland Conference. The current board will now work closely with ICHRIE as it works on the new Strategic Plan for 2020 which was just approved during the ICHRIE Annual Summer Conference in Orlando, Florida. The three goals on Membership Growth, Networking Development, Enhance, The CSR Profile of ICHRIE have been translated into Action Plans for 2015-2016 which will be finalized by the current board by August 30.

APacCHRIE currently has more than 111 members from at least 15 countries and regions. Based on ICHRIE’s country/ region assignments, the distribution can be found below. The top three countries and regions with the highest membership are: Philippines contributing 14% (16 members) followed by Australia at 13% (14 members) and then Hongkong and Taiwan at 12% (13 members) each. With growing interests in Tourism Industry in the Asia Pacific Region, and increasing number of schools offering programs in Tourism and Hospitality, there are still many countries and regions where membership can be strengthened in the coming years.


The Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies identified 49 countries and regions in the Asia Pacific Region, including the United States. ( Of these, there are around 39 countries that have been identified as “low and middle income countries” ( which are eligible for the Emerging Nation Rate. Discussions are underway now on revising the list, getting APacCHRIE board approval and submitting the revised list to ICHRIE. We hope to encourage more members from the existing countries in our list, as well as those from the other countries to strengthen the membership base of APacCHRIE. Our Director for Membership, Prof. Lin Wang together with the Area Consultants and Country Representatives, will be preparing various strategies to reach out to various Tourism and Hospitality Institutions and faculty members in different countries to increase our membership in the coming year.

The 2014-2015 APacCHRIE Board awarded the 2016 Annual Conference to Dusit Thani College in Bangkok, Thailand and, in 2017, it will be in Bali hosted by STPBI. As part of the finalization of the Bali Conference, a small group will be visiting Bali on November 2015 to visit various locations as well as participate as speaker in a PATA forum. For the board meeting this coming January 2016, DTC will be organizing a forum that will also tap the Board members who will be attending the conference.

As part of the legacy of the previous APacCHRIE board, Dr. Qu Xiao lead the review of the By-laws and they will be submitted to the general membership for review and ratification.Thoughts on a joint APacCHRIE-EuroCHRIE conference in the next few years will be deliberated and will be submitted for board review and approval.

Indeed the new board has many plans that are being finalized as we move towards realizing 14 years of existence as an organization! In behalf of the Board, we remain to serve you…

Christina Aquino

1 Past Presidents
• Founding Chairman (2002-2003),
Prof. Kaye Chon PhD, CHE;
• Past Presidents
(2003-2004)—Prof. Eliza Ching-Yick Tse,
(2004-2005)—Prof. Ilsun Yang;
(2005-2006)—Ms. Carol Pido
(2006-2007)—Prof. Wen Zhang
(2007-2008)—Prof. Vikneswaran Nair PhD
(2008-2009)—Prof. Jeou-Shyan Horng PhD
(2009-2010)—Dr. Perry Hobson PhD
(2010-2011)—Assoc. Prof. Manat Chaisawat
(2011-2012)—Dr. Andy Nazarechuk PhD
(2012-2013)—Assoc. Prof. Evangeline E.
(2013-2014)—Mr. Alan Williams
(2014-2015)—Dr. Qu Xiao, Immediate Past

2 APacCHRIE Board 2015-2016
~ President: Ma. Christina Aquino
~ Vice President: Dr. Siu-Ian (Amy) So,
~ Secretary: Mr. Samir Thapa ,
~ Treasurer: Dr Beomcheol (Peter) Kim PhD
~ Director of Education: Dr. Neethiahnathan Ari Ragavan PhD
~ Director of Industry Relations (Academic): Prof. Pearl Yueh-Hsiu Lin PhD, CHA
~ Director of Industry Relations: Mr. James Mabey
~ Director of Networking: Ms. Ningsih A.Chandra,
~ Director of Research: Dr. Seongseop (Sam) Kim PhD
~ Director of Marketing: Mrs. Veera Pardpattanapanich
~ Director of Membership: Prof. Lin Wang
~ Area Consultant I: PRC/Taiwan/Korea/Japan: Dr. Gao Songtao; China: Prof. Jingyan Liu


Ma Christina Aquino is President of the Asia Pacific CHRIE Federation. Email Christina.