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Update from the EuroCHRIE Federation

It is my pleasure to write a few words as the new president of EuroCHRIE while recovering from my jet lag upon return from the ICHRIE conference in San Diego. The San Diego conference
was a memorable experience, made up of leading-edge paper presentations, fruitful discussions and entertaining social events. As the EuroCHRIE federation we can take pride in the fact that our former president, Dr. Maureen Brookes was inaugurated as the new ICHRIE Vice-President. At this place, I’d like to congratulate Maureen with her new position.

In addition to the ‘business’ element, it was great to catch up and socialize with many EuroCHRIE friends, great that you were there. Shortly, we will carry out a membership survey to get hold of our members’ opinion about their CHRIE membership. We will use the results to further increase
membership benefits of our association. Furthermore, we are committed to strengthen inclusion of our members in Africa and the Middle East as EuroCHRIE not only serves Europe but the entire EMEA region. In addition, we will develop policies that support linkages with ICHRIE, Asia-
PacificCHRIE and the American federations.

The next exciting event is around the corner. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the annual EuroCHRIE conference, which will take place from 6-9 October. This year hosted by the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai. The conference will be the opportunity to discuss how the striking changes in the world of hospitality and tourism have resulted in new business strategies and how universities can align their education with this new reality.

I am looking forward to serving you during my presidency and seeing many of you in Dubai. If you have any questions relating to EuroCHRIE, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kevin Nield is President of the EuroCHRIE Federation.  Email Kevin.

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