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Changing Our Name from EuroCHRIE

As promised, we balloted members regarding the change of name from EuroCHRIE to EMEACHRIE. It is fair to say that passions were high on both sides of the debate. Those in favour of the change believed that a change of name meant that we more properly represented our constituency. Those against pointed out that we have a well-known and respected brand, changes to that brand would cause an inevitable confusion that could impact upon future events.

In summary, any decision either for or against would be a major change. Against this background, the decision was taken to ballot our members to gauge the actual depth of feeling. The ballot was, in fact, inconclusive. There was no clear mandate either for or against the motion. With this in mind the executive debated what to do next at its Manchester, autumn meeting. The answer was compromise, quite simply the decision was to retain the name EuroCHRIE and to add a “tag line” that. Indicates our geographical spread and shows our commitment to a world beyond Europe. Quite simply, the tag line is “serving Africa, the Middle East and Europe”. This, we feel, demonstrates who we are. I believe that this change helps us to identify all of our constituents whilst retaining the brand, it is best for all of our members.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all of you that voted and for your messages of support. I would also like to thank the board and the area consultants for their efforts in reaching this solution.

John Fong is President of the EuroCHRIE Federation. Email John.

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