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Highlights from Summer ICHRIE Conference at the Gaylord Texan

It was a great seeing so many members from the NENA Federation in Grapevine for the Summer ICHRIE conference. There were many members presenting, whether in a symposium, panel discussion, poster presentation or master teaching session. All of the presentations involved strong research topics and material that was imparted by our federation members. I want to also congratulate all of NENA members that were presented with awards at the conference.

On Friday morning the NENA Federation meeting was held with 45 members present. The new officers for NENA were introduced (see picture). There was great enthusiasm in the room with wonderful discussion and ideas shared on a number of topics: the Alligator Hour to be held during the Hotel Experience, Promise Awards, By-law updates, hosting of a NENA Federation Career Fair, the Spring Conference in Philly and the Summer Conference in Baltimore. Look for further information on the next NENA Federation meeting to be held at NYU on Monday, November14th.

Speaking of the Summer 2017 ICHRIE conference, much time and effort was put in by many NENA members promoting the upcoming conference. At the Marketplace, NENA hosted a booth (see picture) promoting Baltimore, promoting all the wonderful attractions, tours and restaurants that Baltimore has to offer. A big shout out to Widener University and Dr. Joy Dickerson for providing the Goetze’s Caramel Creams as a take away from the booth. I would also like to thank Visit Baltimore for all of the collateral material that they provided for the booth. Lastly, a huge thank you to all of the volunteers that manned the booth in their bold and bright NENA Federation polo shirts.

On Friday night at the Awards dinner, the tables were festooned with centerpieces that represented Baltimore (see picture). From cans of Old Bay Seasoning, crabs, crab mallets, Maryland state flags and the Star Spangle Banner, the three different centerpieces were the highlight of the table. What ended up being the talk of the evening was the two minute promotional visit entitled BMORE in Baltimore. A number of NENA members were shown in Baltimore in fun and exciting settings. The video was very humorous and enjoyed by all. I want to thank Ruth O’Rourke from the University of Maryland Eastern Shores at Universities of Shady Grove for all of her hard work in putting the video and the centerpieces together. Ruth, you are a Rock Star!

Lastly, I want to thank Sheryl Kline from the University of Delaware and the Director of Networking for ICHRIE for all of her hard work on making the Grapevine conference a success. Sheryl’s passion and professionalism was evident throughout the conference. All of use in the NENA conference are behind you to make the Baltimore conference one of the biggest and best conferences in the history of ICHRIE. If Sheryl reaches out to you for assistance, I ask you to please say “I can do that for you Sheryl.”

For most of you reading this, your summer has ended and a new semester has begun with hundreds of students exhibiting a huge passion to learn about our great hospitality industry. Good luck.

With hospitality,

>David Schweiger is President of North East North American Federation. David.



2016 Promise Award Winners

The North East North American Federation (NENA) of the International Council of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Educators (ICHRIE) NENA Promise Award is pleased to announce

Sarah London

2016 Fred Mayo Undergraduate recipient of NENA Promise Award Scholarship


Sujin Song

2016 Jim Bardi Graduate recipient of NENA Promise Award Scholarship 

For more information, click here

The Promise Award recognizes students for their overall potential for success in the hospitality/culinary industry, including contributions that they have made during their employment experiences.

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