Southeast, Central & South American Federation

First Step toward Building a Foundation

The end of the semester is upon us, and I hope everyone feels less stress, rather than more stress. Dr. Mel Weber and I have been hard at work over the past two months establishing a plan to move the SECSA forward. Our first step is to fill some of the vacant board positions. With this in mind, a call for nominations was launched in November with the hope that members from throughout the SECSA will step up to serve in some capacity. We are looking for dedicated and passionate individuals to take leadership roles that will move us all forward. I ask you to please consider a role within the federation and challenge you to help make a difference. The call for nominations closes on Saturday, December 13th, so if you are interested, there are a few more days left to get your nominations submitted. Elections for the nominated individuals are scheduled to take place in January.

Best wishes for the upcoming holiday season to you and your family. As we soon close out another year, I sincerely hope that every one of us is filled with many happy memories from the past year. I personally would like to wish you all a safe, happy, and healthy 2015. On behalf of all SECSA members we wish all of our ICHRIE family, both near and far, all the best.

I welcome any SECSA member to feel free to reach out to me ( or 01-980-598-1536), so that we can chat about our future together.

Don Schoffstall


Donald Schoffstall is President of Southeast, Central and South American Federation. Email Donald.

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