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I hope this finds everyone well and that your spring semester has been a good one thus far. Many of you may already be into/completed finals before our May Communiqué, if so, I hope your semester wraps up nicely for you. As I have shared with you before, we are looking to create and host the first annual SECSA virtual meeting and presentation forum in late October (or early November). Mel Weber, SECSA VP, has taken the initial lead on this initiative and will be working closely with other board members over the coming months to prepare. We would like your ideas, thoughts, and comments about this virtual federation meeting. Please feel free to contact Mel at or me.

Looking ahead to July and the ICHRIE conference, if there is anything you would like for your SECSA Board to address at the SECSA meeting (scheduled as part of the conference), please let me know.

As always, I welcome any SECSA member to feel free to reach out to me [ or 01 (980) 598-1536], so that we can chat about our future together.

Don Schoffstall

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If you would like to let me know of any good or upcoming news – so I can place it here, please let me know.


Donald Schoffstall is President of Southeast, Central and South American Federation. Email Donald.

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