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Continuing the Move Forward

I hope this finds everyone well. For many of you, your semester has either wrapped up or is in the process of wrapping up, and I hope it was a great one. I wanted to let everyone know that we held our first board meeting on Friday, April 3rd. We were able to have a great initial discussion with five of seven board members. Some items discussed include the first annual SECSA virtual presentation forum (see below) and the first annual SECSA conference and meeting (in-person), which I hope to be able to announce at the ICHRIE Conference in July during the SECSA meeting.

Plans for the first annual SECSA virtual presentation forum are currently underway under the lead of Mel Weber (SECSA VP). Mel will be working closely with SECSA Board Members (Alecia Douglas, Miranda Kitterlin, and Guillermo Graglia) over the coming months to prepare. We would like your ideas, thoughts, and comments about this virtual federation forum. Please feel free to contact Mel at or me.

The tentative date for this new and exciting opportunity for SECSA members and other ICHRIE members will be Friday, October 23rd. More information will be shared as plans are confirmed.

Looking ahead to July and the ICHRIE conference, if there is anything you would like for your SECSA Board to address at the SECSA meeting (scheduled as part of the conference), please let me know by June 15th.

Finally, congratulations to all of the newly elected ICHRIE leaders, especially SECSA member Dr. Rachel Chen from the University of Tennessee on being elected Director of Education.

As always, I welcome any SECSA member to feel free to reach out to me ( or 01-980-598-1536), so that we can chat about our future together.

Don Schoffstall


Donald Schoffstall is President of Southeast, Central and South American Federation. Email Donald.

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