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At the End of Summer, It Is Back to Doing What We Do

I hope this finds everyone well. The new academic year is upon us and I hope by now you have been able to start strong. As we all dive back into our normal routines, let us not forget those new students in each of our classes are why we do what we do. For it is those students who are and will be the future of the hospitality industry and certainly a few will be some of our future colleagues one day. Be sure to make a positive impression and leave a lasting memory that they can carry with them each day, especially when they hit a low spot in our program or industry so that it can help them through it.

Upcoming SECSA Events & Information—open to anyone:

A call for papers was sent out via email for the upcoming SECSA Virtual Presentation Forum, which will be held on Friday, October 23rd. We invite presentations on any hospitality related topic and encourage you to join us as a presenter or guest for this first-ever event. Remember there will be no registration fee and no travel expenses; present ‘live’ from your office or home.

Abstract submission deadline of Sunday, September 6th; email your submissions to Dr. Melvin Weber at

Length of abstract/article—Abstracts will be limited to a maximum of 3 pages single spaced in 12 point font, Times New Roman, one-inch margins, in APA format. The references, tables, and figures will be in addition to the 3-page limit.

For more information or if you have a question, please contact Dr. Weber at

To only attend:
Since this is a free event, you will need to pre-register with Dr. Weber by Sunday, October 11th (Even if you are not presenting, you are welcome to attend, just send Dr. Weber an email, stating you want to attend; he will add your email to the attendance list. You will then receive an invitation to attend.)

Save the date: SECSA Conference will be hosted on the campus of Auburn University on Thursday, February 25th and Friday, February 26, 2016. This is being designed to be open to all members (and non members) and graduate students and will include focuses on research, education, industry, and of course, networking and comradery.

Call for papers will be out the same week as the September Communiqué with a submission deadline of Sunday, November 1st.

Feel free to connect with the SECSA and its members on LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn group page: SECSA Federation and on Facebook group page: SECSA Federation of ICHRIE (‘Ichrie’ on the site).

I hope everyone has a great semester. As always, I welcome any SECSA member to feel free to reach out to me ( or 980-598-1536), so that we can chat about our future together.

Don Schoffstall


Donald Schoffstall is President of Southeast, Central and South American Federation. Email Donald.

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