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SECSA Conference Reminder

The SECSA Conference is February 25-26, 2016, hosted on the campus of Auburn University. The conference is open to all members (and non members) as well as graduate students and will include focuses on research, education, industry, and of course, networking and comradery. Please block your calendars now to join us for this exciting first (annual) event!

Call for papers (revised) – Submissions are due Sunday, December 13th

Research: Presentation opportunities from professional members and graduate students; intimate settings; excellent feedback opportunities for all

Education: Presentations and discussions on some educational topics (curriculum, pedagogy, trends)

Industry: information directly from industry practitioners; adding value to research; trends and future needs

Conference information can be found at:

Feel free to connect with the SECSA and its members on LinkedIn and Facebook.
LinkedIn group page: SECSA Federation
Facebook group page: SECSA Federation of ICHRIE (‘Ichrie’ on the site).

I hope everyone continues to have a great semester. As always, I welcome any SECSA member to feel free to reach out to me ( or 01-980-598-1536), so that we can chat about our future together.

Don Schoffstall


Donald Schoffstall is President of Southeast, Central and South American Federation. Email Donald.

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SECSA Call for Papers

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