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For my inaugural message as the new President of the Central Federation, I would like to thank my colleagues throughout the 14 states of the Federation for their confidence and support. I look forward to working with the other members of the board to serve our membership in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Like many of you, I have benefited from the professional

opportunities created by ICHRIE, and am happy to continue my service.

I would like to thank Tom Maier for his outstanding leadership as President of the Central Federation the past year. Under Tom’s oversight, we successfully held elections to fill several board positions and began planting the seeds for new federation-based initiatives. I think most will agree that Tom is a valuable asset to the Federation, ICHRIE, and the academy. Additionally, please join me in welcoming our new board members, as well as give thanks to those who are continuing their terms in existing positions. We have a diverse group of leaders on the board, and each has committed their resources to serve the federation in a variety of ways.

The first half of 2014 has provided great opportunities for professional development, due in large part to the support from DePaul’s School of Hospitality Leadership. First, the Central Federation Education Symposium (CFES), held on May 16 in Chicago, brought together members for a  series of stand-up presentations and tours of iconic hospitality businesses. Immediately following the CFES, we had the ICHRIE Alligator Hour at the Union Club of Chicago. The Alligator Hour,
like with previous years, was well attended by members from various federations, including
ICHRIE president Dennis Reynolds.

Looking Forward
The past year has brought success and we look forward to what the next 12 months has to offer.
First, I am pleased to announce that the Central Federation has joined social media through the creation of a dedicated Twitter account. Our Twitter account will highlight the achievements of our members, provide updates on pertinent matters, and continue to strengthen the bond with our industry partners. This bond with industry continues to be a benefit for our membership’s research and teaching endeavors. To follow or interact with the Central Federation on Twitter, please visit:

Second, several board members are working to create a protocol that highlights federation activities. For example, one initiative aims to create a searchable web-based platform for members to interact. These interactions could include, but are not limited to, a forum for academy or industry related discussions, and the sharing of best practices related to teaching and research. This initiative, along with our presence on social media, means your membership provides a continuous and year-round benefit. While it is nice to interact face-to-face at the national conference, as well as Federation events like CFES and Alligator Hour, I feel strongly, in
the true nature of ICHRIE, we can continue to improve the way in which we communicate. This will allow us, as Federation, to do our part in fulfilling the ICHRIE mission to “…continually improve the quality of global education, research, service, and business operations in
the hospitality and tourism industry.”

Again, thank you for your support as I continue to serve the Federation and encourage you to reach out to me, or other members of the board, if you have questions or comments. Our virtual door is always open!

Kind regards,



Nick Thomas is President of the Central Federation. Email Nick.

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