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The ICHRIE Frequent Recruiter Program

As professionals and educators, we make dozens of social and networking connections everyday (in the classroom, office and field). Support the ICHRIE Membership Committee as a Frequent Recruiter. Your connections as a Frequent Recruiter will build membership within your ICHRIE Federations, support membership development and expand your network of hospitality, tourism and culinary arts professionals and educators across the world. The ICHRIE Frequent Recruiter Program is just one of many ways you can be more involved with International CHRIE. (A “new member” is any person who has not been an ICHRIE member at any time during the last five years.)


2014 - 2015 Frequent Recruiter of the Year

Lee Blecher

Help Spread the Word!
Do you have a friend, colleague or know of an organization that can benefit from the resources and opportunities we offer at International CHRIE? If so, please send a brief email to with their contact information and we will be happy to send them details about the many benefits our members enjoy.

If a membership is received from one of the leads you provide to us, you could be recognized as the next Frequent Recruiter of the Year*!

*2015-2016 Frequent Recruiter

Refer a New Member

If you would like to refer a new member to International CHRIE, please use our online referral form.

The challenge of recruiting new members is to keep them coming back by making them feel part of this great organization. - Rai Shacklock, Leeds Metropolitan Univeristy, 2007-2008 Frequent Recruiter of the Year