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How ICHRIE Works for You

At International CHRIE our goal is to provide our members with the ability to influence our ever-changing field while gaining professional and personal growth through opportunities designed to encourage dialogue and the open exchange of information.

By joining International CHRIE, you have the ability to make your membership work for you.


ICHRIE’s educational resources, opportunities, and peer-reviewed publications provide you with the latest in research, innovations and trends in Hospitality & Tourism - Invaluable information useful in the classroom and in business operations.


ICHRIE provides its members with endless opportunities for professional and personal development ranging from networking events, leadership positions, career information and potential to publish your work, as well as be recognized and acknowledged by your peers.


As a member, you’ll gain access to the largest network of hospitality and tourism educators, industry professionals, students, corporations and associations. This is your opportunity to expand your network and visibility for yourself and your program.


As a member, you have access to and support from Committee and Board Volunteers as well as the best administrative leaders and staff at the ICHRIE office. Our staff is available Monday thru Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm Eastern Time to help you take advantage of your benefits and make your membership work for you.

Who Can Join International CHRIE?

When you join International CHRIE, you receive the best in hospitality and tourism education available outside the classroom. Membership is open to everyone interested in impacting the future of the hospitality and tourism industry.

ICHRIE Memberships Attract Members from These Three Sectors:

Industry: corporate professionals/executives in restaurants and foodservice, hotels and lodging, travel and recreation service; hospitality and tourism publishers; and suppliers.

Education: educators, researchers and administrators from schools, colleges and universities with programs in foodservice, hotels and lodging, travel and recreation services; graduate students; and retired educators.

Associations: association leadership and staff with an interest in hospitality and tourism education.
ICHRIE Membership Levels

Our Global Reach

ICHRIE is truly an international organization representing members from almost all continents. There is international representation in the organization’s governance structure and governing bodies. ICHRIE facilitates the international exchange of hospitality scholars and educators through networking opportunities; provides venues and media for international educators, scholars and industry professionals to share new knowledge information; contributes to maintaining the highest standards of education at all institutions of hospitality education globally through its accreditation council.

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Become a supporting member of ICHRIE's large educational force that continues to grow with members throughout North America and in countries around the world.

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For more information contact the ICHRIE office at:
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Serving as the hospitality and tourism education network, we strive to set the highest standards and unite educators, industry executives and associations worldwide.