Faculty Head Human Resource Management

April 23, 2014

Hotelschool The Hague is a dynamic, international Hospitality Business School with campuses in The Hague and Amsterdam. Hotelschool The Hague is entrepreneurial, business-like and quality-driven. Our faculty is professional, experienced and international; colleagues work together in small and cohesive teams. Our graduates can be found all over the world working in senior management positions within hospitality focused organisations. Hotelschool The Hague has approximately 2000 students and over 200 employees.

General Function Description
You will join a multidisciplinary team of faculty working in a range of hospitality related business areas. The school community is international, and the program is taught, and all business is conducted completely in English. Hotelschool The Hague has an excellent reputation developed over 85 years; the result of the structured educational program and the experience and quality of our staff and lecturers. You will join a dynamic, hardworking team of professionals in a challenging but friendly environment.

Position in the organisation
The Faculty is organized by the academic disciplines of: Business Management & Leadership; Finance; Marketing; Hospitality Operations Management; Languages & Communications; Information Technology and Human Resource Management. Every lecturer works under the direction of one Faculty Head, based upon their area of expertise.

The Faculty Head reports to the Dean of Faculty and together with the Dean, the Faculty Heads along with the Program managers are responsible for the academic program of the school. He/she is responsible for affairs regarding the (members of his/her) Faculty group, which consists of approximately 20 people.

The Faculty Head has the supervisory and supporting responsibility for the (development/adjustment/innovation of the) content of his/her discipline as well as of all educators within their discipline, including (but not limited to) the performance appraisals and personal development plans.

The Faculty Head will work in close cooperation with the other Faculty Heads, the Program Manager Bachelor, Program Manager Master and the Program Manager Research who are responsible for the process and quality around running the Bachelor, Master or Research Program.

The Faculty Head will be supported by the Human Resource department.

The curriculum at Hotelschool The Hague is delivered in a unique competency approach. That it, course are multidisciplinary and case study based, thereby delivering the academic disciplines in a combined manner, enhancing the students' understanding of each discipline as it is used in a real world scenario. Each course is administered, and maintained by a multidisciplinary core team, who accept the overall successful delivery of the course.

He/she is

  • leading a group of individual lecturers in a specific knowledge area (academic discipline).
  • responsible for the oversight of the faculty who are divided over several core teams which are mainly self directed; the Faculty Head is responsible for the performance of his/her faculty members in total and the core teams that have their main percentage in that particular knowledge field.
  • responsible for the quality of education within the knowledge area and innovation of educational topics and didactics.
  • responsible for staffing of the courses (together with core teams, Educational Planner and Program Manager Bachelor/Master),
  • responsible for performance appraisal and personal development of the faculty members.

Next to the above mentioned, he/she is also a dedicated lecturer in one (or more) courses in his/her field.

The Faculty Head has an outstanding academic record in (one of the) knowledge areas within the Faculty group. He/she has strong commitment to advancement and innovation of the knowledge area, the curriculum and to the advancement of team members.

You have/are:

  • preferably a PhD and several years of working experience leading people in an international academic organisation, preferably a hospitality business school;
  • the leadership competence and experience to further develop faculty expertise, skills, and didactics aligned to the strategic goals of Hotelschool The Hague and the developments in the international hospitality industry, leadership and higher education;
  • a contemporary vision on higher education;
  • management experience in hospitality in one of the management areas (for example marketing, finance, HR, IT etc.) and insights into both student and campus experience;
  • extensive analytical and conceptual skills and an excellent command of the English language;
  • aligned to the vision, mission and strategy of Hotelschool The Hague: ’Delivering the promise: best students, best faculty’;
  • a valuable academic international network as well as active relationships with industry and other stakeholders in your knowledge area;
  • an inspiring partner for all Hotelschool The Hague students and faculty
  • empathic
  • communication skills
  • positive view
  • decisiveness
  • motivating and able to empower self directing teams
  • proactive

Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. The contract is annual; however, a permanent contract (similar to tenure) can be received within the first three years, and is not focused on publications, rather the total contribution of the individual. In addition, Hotelschool The Hague offers an excellent package of fringe benefits, a retirement pension through ABP, excellent opportunities for further education, the possibility to participate in collective (health) insurance and generous opportunities for sabbatical.

Additional information
You will mainly be located in The Hague or Amsterdam but are willing to work at our school campuses in The Hague and Amsterdam. More information about the position is available from Ms drs. B.W. Gemen, Human Resource Manager, telephone 00 31 (0)70-3512481. Please click on the ‘apply’ button to send your application letter and CV, in English, to Mr T.T. Kusse, Human Resources Department. This position will be open until filled. The review process will begin May 12th 2014. Please visit our website: www.hotelschool.nl/en/about-us/work.

1- Core teams: these self directed teams are responsible for execution of a course and constructed by the Faculty Heads, together with the Faculty Team who delivers the major part of content from their discipline. Faculty members of other disciplines are “in sourced” depending on the specific needs in that course. The responsibility of the final quality of the course lies with the Faculty Head of the discipline that has the major component of that particular course.