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Advertising in ICHRIE Publications

The content of ICHRIE publications ranges from scholarly papers and practical career development tips to the latest industry news and member benefits. All of our publications receive accolades and top ratings from industry professionals worldwide. Both of the journals published by International CHRIE – the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education and the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research – consistently receive excellent ratings and are perceived as among the top five journals in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Advertising in this diverse set of publications ensures that your message is heard by today’s decision-makers and tomorrow’s leaders as they shape the future of the hospitality and tourism industry.

CHRIE Communiqué

A monthly newsletter for members which includes timely news and information about your organization and the world of hospitality and tourism education, special features, and a Professional Opportunities section listing employment opportunities for hospitality and tourism educators.

Each issue is 12 pages in length and includes regular updates on people in the news, monthly columns from ICHRIE Board of Directors, chapters and federations, articles written by leading industry ICHRIE corporate partners and the latest industry happenings.

CHRIE Communiqué disseminates the latest organization and industry news and is circulated to all ICHRIE members. The advertisements offered in the professional opportunities section assist institutions in attracting the best of today’s hospitality and tourism educators.

Worldwide distribution is approximately 2,500 per issue.

Professional Opportunities Ads

Advertise your job in the "Professional Opportunities" section of the International CHRIE Communiqué. Professional Opportunities list position openings for people involved in education and training for the hospitality and tourism industry.

Rates are US$200 for 100 words or less and $1.00 for each additional word. There is an additional $200 fee for logo placement.

A purchase order or payment must accompany all submissions.

Text Advertising

Text Only: $200 for the first 100 words; $1.00 for every word thereafter

Add your school logo to your text ad: $200

Display Advertising

Advertisement: Display Ad (Black & White Only) ICHRIE Member Rates Non Member Rates
Full Page (7½” x 10”) $2,100 $2,500
Two-Thirds Page Vertical only (4 7/8” x 10”) $1,700 $2,100
One-Half Page Vertical (3 5/8" x 10") $1,400 $1,800
One-Half Page Horizontal (7½” x 5”) $1,400 $1,800
One-Third Page Horizontal (4 7/8” x 5”) $1,100 $1,500
One-Third Page Vertical (2½” x 10” ) $1,100 $1,500

Please note that all rates quoted are in US dollars.

Guide to College Programs in Hospitality, Tourism, and Culinary Arts

The only complete guide to accredited programs in hospitality and tourism, ICHRIE's Guide to College Programs in Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts is an essential resource for prospective students and industry employees seeking advancement through education, career counselors, corporate recruiters and industry organizations.

Published online, the site provides listings by specialization and geographic location, detailing educational opportunities available at two-year, four-year, and graduate-level hospitality and tourism programs in North America and abroad. Each detailed listing offers everything you need–information about admissions, faculty, facilities, program features, sources of financial aid, job placement, and much more.

Information on Listing Costs for Guide to College Programs


Premium Member Pricing

Initial Listing Complimentary
Logo Insertion Complimentary
Additional Listing US$300

Institutional Member Pricing
Initial Listing Complimentary
Logo Insertion US$250
Additional Listing US$300

Individual Member Pricing
Initial Listing US$400
Logo Insertion US$250
Additional Listing US$300

Non-Member Pricing
Initial Listing US$600
Logo Insertion US$300
Additional Listing US$400

Visit the Guide to College Programs here.

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education

The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Eduation is a quarterly publication of refereed, interdisciplinary articles, by leading sources, covering a wide range of topics related to hospitality and tourism. This includes teaching techniques, curriculum development, trends in education and industry, industry practices and human resource development.

This publication is designed to serve the needs of all levels of hospitality and tourism education with a main objective to facilitate scholarly interchange among related disciplines.

Each issue consists of approximately 48-64 pages. Distribution is approximately 2,500 per issue.

Regular features of JHTE include:

  • Papers on relevant academic issues
  • Forum articles addressing current trends and developments related to hospitality and tourism education
  • Essays through which educators share unique instructional techniques or other innovative approaches in the classroom.

International CHRIE's Journalof Hospitality & Tourism Education received the 2003 Golden Page Award for Practical Usability of Research in the category of Hospitality and Tourism. The Golden Page Award is presented each year to the most consistently performing management periodicals of only the top 400 management titles worldwide and is only presented to the journal that emerges from its discipline as the top journal for the whole year, having received the highest aggregate score for all its articles. There is no other independent process that comprehensively and rigorously evaluates so many journals, making the award the only one of its kind.

For more information, contact Taylor and Francis at

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research

The Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research publishes high-quality, refereed scholarship that advances the knowledge base of the hospitality and tourism field. Featuring conceptual, empirical research, and applied research articles as well as book and software reviews, research notes, industry viewpoints, and conference reviews, JHTR keeps educators, researchers, and professionals in hospitality and tourism up-to-date on the latest and most vital findings in the field.

Published four times a year, the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research offers articles on empirical research, theoretical developments and innovative methodologies, which are guided by an editor and a review board consisting of leading hospitality and tourism researchers.

For more information, contact Sage Publications. 

ICHRIE Website

The International CHRIE website is averaging 900 visitors and over 14,300 hits per day or 435,965 hits per month!

Featured, and frequently updated, on the ICHRIE website are industry news, events and information, registration details for the annual converence, association and membership information, an events calendar, complete information on all ICHRIE publications and the much sought after and used, Professional Opportunities section.

The student webzine, HOSTEUR™, is available online with public access. Members can also access the International CHRIE member directory, find positions in the hospitality and tourism education and read CHRIE Communiqué, all with the click of a mouse.

Your online professional opportunity listing on the ICHRIE website will reach thousands of people every week and is an excellent way to announce current position openings... especially if there is a time-sensitive submission deadline!

Professional Opportunities Postings

A 30-day listing on the ICHRIE website includes:

  • position information (no word limit)
  • links to additional information
  • contact details
  • institution logo
ICHRIE Premium Member $0
ICHRIE Institutional Member $450
Individual and Non-member $550