Webinar: Translating Research

Webinar: Translating Research Into Policy and Practice: How to Successfully Share Your Findings

This webinar provides insightful perspectives on how your research can be translated into policy and practice recommendations.

Here are some specific take-aways you can expect from viewing this webinar:

  • Translating research into practice, identifying an appropriate partner
  • Developing a pilot project to translate research into practice
  • Evaluating your pilot, making changes, and disseminating successful models
  • Identifying the appropriate policy or practitioner audience for your research
  • Clarifying your goals in translating research into policy or practice
  • Identifying concrete changes that can be made based on your research
  • Reaching a policy audience – op-ed’s, briefings, white papers and other strategies
  • Working with advocacy organizations to change policy or practice

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Special thanks to The Pennsylvania State University for sponsoring the webinar.