Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education

Published four times each year, the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education is a refereed, interdisciplinary journal of International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (ICHRIE).

The Journal is designed to facilitate scholarly interchange among hospitality and tourism educators, industry practitioners and educators from related disciplines. It aims to serve the needs of all levels of hospitality and tourism education through the presentation of issues and opinions pertinent to the field.

Regular features of JHTE include:
  • Papers on relevant academic issues
  • Forum articles addressing current trends and developments related to hospitality and tourism education
  • Creative essays through which educators share unique instructional techniques or other innovative approaches in the classroom
  • empirical papers on teaching and learning evaluation issues




Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education

Applications are invited for the position of Executive Editor(s) of the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education (JHTE), one of the prominent ICHRIE academic journal publications. JHTE was granted the 2003 Golden Page Award for Practical Usability of Research in the category of Hospitality and Tourism. The Golden Page Award is presented each year to the most consistently performing management periodicals of only the top 400 management titles worldwide and is only presented to the journal that emerges from its discipline as the top journal for the whole year. Being one of the important membership benefits for ICHRIE’s members, JHTE, along with  ICHRIE’s other publications (i.e., The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Cases, and ICHRIE Penn State Research Reports), is one of the “essences” of the organization.

Therefore, the position of the Executive Editor for JHTE is a prestigious and honored position recognizing an individual’s proven abilities and his/her knowledge in the hospitality/tourism field, while it also carries with it much responsibility for fulfillment of an important part of ICHRIE’s obligations to ICHRIE’s membership. Given the enormous administrative and academic work of the Executive Editor, we will also consider joint appointments. This is particularly encouraged when a potential editor does not have extensive review and editorial experience.

The Executive Editor(s) will be expected to promote JHTE in their geographical area and around the globe and to seek paper submissions from academics domestically and internationally. The overarching goal is to enhance the reputation and standing of JHTE as the premier publishing outlet of high quality research on educational experiences, pedagogies and trends/issues conducted in various countries related to hospitality and tourism, while also providing the opportunity for researchers around the world to promote, disseminate, share, and co-learn from others' experiences.

The Executive Editor(s) of the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education has the overall responsibility to:

  • Establish editorial policy and vision for the journal within the ICHRIE guidelines;
  • Encourage and solicit the submission of relevant, original, high quality manuscripts from an international audience;
  • Coordinate conscientious and expeditious peer reviews of each submitted manuscript;
  • Select meritorious manuscripts for publication;
  • Coordinate publication activities and scope of materials utilized with editors of other
  • ICHRIE publications;
  • Work with the ICHRIE publications staff to assure timely and professionally packaged issues of the journal;
  • Promote JHTE at international conferences, other academic events and publications;
  • Collaborate and work with the Publication Council for drafting and executing a long-term strategy for JHTE aiming to further enhance its impact factor, international presence and appeal as well as its ranking in academic journal lists.

The ICHRIE Board of Directors appoints the Editor(s) for the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education for a four-year term, with an additional year to help transition the new Editors. The Editor(s) may reapply to the new Call for Editors, and the application would be evaluated as a new entry along with others in the pool.

The appointment will begin on January 1st 2017, although new Editors will work with current Editors beginning August 2016 to insure a smooth transition. Within the ICHRIE organizational structure, the Editor(s) reports to the Director of Research and is expected to attend all meetings of the Research Committee. In addition, the Editor(s) makes frequent reports to the ICHRIE leadership and members on the status of the journal, works closely with the ICHRIE publications staff, and selects and oversees an editorial review board and a group of ad hoc reviewers to assure timely and conscientious reviews of submitted materials. There is no remuneration from any source associated with this position, as is the case with all other ICHRIE leadership positions. Costs in time and resources incurred by the Editor(s) must be borne by the individual and/or his/her institution.

To successfully fulfill these responsibilities, persons selected for Editor(s) positions should meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Must be a member of ICHRIE.
  • Must possess adequate review and editorial experience.
  • Should be committed to the mission and goals of ICHRIE and the role and function of the particular publication within the overall array of ICHRIE publications.
  • Should be able to make the time commitment that will be required. It is estimated that an editor will spend approximately 10 hours per week on his/her editorial work.
  • An individual who is an administrator should discuss his/her time commitments to his/her department, college, or university with the Publications Council chair relative to the demanding time commitments of an ICHRIE publications editor position.
  • Should represent an institution committed to providing appropriate support for the editor.

That support should include, but may not be limited to:

  • Work load allowances to allow the individual the time required as indicated above;
  • Clerical support, estimated to be about 10 hours per week;
  • Usual costs for long distance phone calls, faxes, postage fees, and duplication.
  • Access to e-mail is required; and
  • Travel costs to support the individual’s attendance at meetings of the Research Committee, and ICHRIE. The individual’s participation in these events is essential to enable him/her to interface with ICHRIE members who are writers and reviewers as well as to interact with members of the Research Committee.

In addition to the above criteria, the following are other factors that may impact on the ability of an individual to function in an editorial capacity for ICHRIE:

  • The Editor(s) of the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education should be well grounded in the total perspective of the hospitality and tourism industries and current research trends. A global perspective, familiarity with the “total picture” of the industry, and general experience with writing for the publication of research papers, articles, or textbooks is seen as a good background for this position.
  • The Editor(s) must have good writing skills and a strong background in grammar and the structure of written materials.
  • The Editor(s) should be a supportive individual who is able to relate well with members from all types of backgrounds. The editor(s) should be able to provide positive, constructive feedback to writers, and encourage ICHRIE members to develop their writing and publication skills.
  • The Editor(s) could hold a faculty and/or administrative position in either a four-year or a two-year school.
  • The Editor(s) should have a high degree of organizational ability and be able to manage the flow of publications in a timely, efficient manner.
  • The Editor(s) should understand the importance of publication deadlines and work closely with the ICHRIE office to meet the established publications calendar.
  • The Editor(s) should understand the importance of following the policies and guidelines of ICHRIE and the ICHRIE Research Committee in the management of the publication and of adherence to those guidelines in his/her actions as the editor.
  • The Editor(s) should have a knowledge and understanding of the current publication trends and challenges (such as open access to research, journal rankings, impact factors etc.) and be able to identify and execute strategies for JHTE to address the above mentioned.
  • For joint editorship, the Editors should be complementarity (in terms of geographical areas, academic disciplines and interests).

Persons interested in applying for the position of Editor(s) for the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education should submit their application via email to:

Dr. Amit Sharma
216 Mateer Building
School of Hospitality Management
Penn State University
University Park, Pennsylvania USA 16801
Telephone: 01 (814) 865-0126

Applicants should include the following in the application packet:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Statement of interest in the editor position and vision for the continued development of the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research.
  • Separate statement discussing time availability and the anticipated institutional support.
  • Letter of support from the appropriate administrator.

The deadline for applications to be received is May 20th, 2016.

Download the Call for Editor(s)

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