The deadline for submissions is the 7th of each month preceding the issue date (for example, the deadline for the April issue is March 7).

Deadlines for receipt of applications listed in announcements should be at least 30 days from the date of the issue in which the announcement appears. For example, a listing that appears in the June issue should have a deadline for applications in the first week of July or later.

Issue Deadline Street Date
January December 7 Week of January 1
February January 7 Week of February 1
March February 7 Week of March 1
April March 7 Week of April 1
May April 7 Week of May 1
June May 7 Week of June 1
July June 7 Week of July 1
August July 7 Week of August
September August 7 Week of September 1
October September 7 Week of October 1
November October 7 Week of November 1
December November 7 Week of December 1

Professional Opportunities listings should be sent electronically to or mailed to:
International Council on Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education
Attn: Research & Education Manager
2810 North Parham, Suite 230
Richmond, Virginia USA 23294
Telephone: 01 (804) 346-4800