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ICHRIE Research Reports
Marcellus Revenue Impact on hotels
Daniel J. Mount, Timothy W. Kelsey, Kathryn J. Brasier, September 2016
Extreme Minimum Wages: Effects on the U.S. Hotel Industry
John O'Neill and Sean P. McGinley, September 2016
Motivation, Place Attachment, and Loyalty in a Country Club
Jim Butler and So Jung Lee, September 2016
Macroeconomic Variables and Hotel Performance: Good and Bad News
A.J. Singh, SeungHyun “James” Kim, Mark Johnson, Robert Mandelbaum, November 2016
Musings on Dividend Policy
Murat Kizildag, November 2016
Decreasing Food Waste through Increased Awareness at a University’s Dining Facilities
Scott Taylor, Jr., Thomas Pratt, November 2017
Food waste on college and university campuses has become increasingly important to administrators and foodservice providers due to environmental and fiscal concerns. Thus, the current study utilized a quasi-experimental design to assess the effects that a semester-long anti-food waste campaign had on student diners’ food waste behaviors.
Pricing decisions during the FIFA 2014 World Cup: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Albert A. Barreda, Sandra Zubieta Zamudio, Han Chen, Marina Cassilha, Yoshimasa Kageyama, November 2017
Do Hotels and Mixed-Use Projects Benefit Each Other? Evidence from China
Yun Zhang, Chun-Hung (Hugo) Tang and Yunzi Zhang, November 2017
Preferences of LGBT Tourists Traveling to Smaller Cities
Eric D. Olson, Ching-Hui Su, and Chin-Hsun Tsai, December 2018
Environmentally and Financially Sustainable Tourism
Haywantee Ramkissoon and Vishnee Sowamber, December 2018
Where Do Tourists Stay Overnight in Macau?
Sunny Sun, Rob Law and Davis KaChio Fong, December 2018

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