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President's Message to you...ICHRIE Strategic Plan 2025


With great pleasure, I present to you the ICHRIE Strategic Plan 2025.  The plan was developed by the Strategic Planning Committee throughout this past year, as a holistic and cohesive compilation of your needs, thoughts, and feedback.  

First, I would like to provide you some background to our process.  Our previous Strategic Plan expired in the late summer.  As the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) met together last fall in 2019, we determined that the best way to move forward on the next plan would be to survey your thoughts and perceptions of the ICHRIE organization, from a variety of dimensions.  The Member Value Survey, therefore, was created by the SPC and vetted by the ICHRIE Board of Directors.  By early February 2020, the survey was distributed to our membership for a four-week period.  We received over 200 survey responses, with 188 useable surveys.  

Upon the closing of the survey, COVID-19 took over, as we all moved into an online learning environment; the work on our plan was postponed for a few weeks, until we could all begin working together again.  By mid-April, the analyses began.  First, we examined the results qualitatively, and identified themes, both in areas of strength and in areas for growth.  We then analyzed the results quantitatively.  The findings provided us with some undeniable crossover and commonality. Some of the capabilities that were revealed included things like technologic enhancements, communication tools, conference programming, tools for teaching and learning, an emphasis on quality research, and the importance of effectively sharing, collaborating, and networking.  

Our team sifted through each statistic, each thread until we determined that our Growth Areas were really in four overarching categories:  Member Services, Teaching and Learning, Research Agenda, and Organizational Culture.  With this established, we then broke into subgroups to identify our objectives and corresponding action steps for each of the four growth areas.  Our SPC, some of our Board members, and some members-at-large joined together for this phase of the project.  Sincere thanks to all who took part in this critical phase!

All objectives were submitted with action steps by the subgroups, and the SPC then proceeded to discuss the work of each subgroup, eliminating redundancies and making sure we remained focused on the findings of the Member Value Survey.  We also revisited the Comprehensive Organizational Review to ensure that those topics which had not been addressed were also included in the plan.  Finally, we connected with the ESD Board of Governors to incorporate objectives specific to the needs of ESD.  

The Core Values of our organization were also identified through a lengthy process.  We began this identification process in early January 2020 with our Board of Directors.  We began streamlining a lengthy values list through our Deans and Directors group, our Board, and of course, through the Member Value Survey.  Many eyes and many opinions later, we were able to categorize our most “valued values”.  You will see that we have identified:  1) The Spirit of Hospitality, 2) Knowledge, 3) Participation and Collaboration, and 4) Inclusiveness.  

Our Core Values gave way to a very meaningful mission statement.  Every word of the statement became a source of discussion.  Again, this was vetted through many minds and sets of eyes.  I hope you will read this many times, as this will become our compass.  Finally, please note the new Vision statement!  We are noting the importance of education, industry engagement, and future leader development.  

But the Mission and Vision MUST be supported with the foundation as you can see.  Our organizational capabilities must be strong enough to support our growth areas.  And our growth areas must answer to our core values.  And of course, our values must support our mission and vision.  
The ICHRIE Board of Directors voted to approve the Strategic Plan 2025 on Thursday, September 10, 2020; the values, mission, and vision statements were approved in final form on August 8, 2020.  The plan in its entirety will be posted on the ICHRIE website. 

I am confident in the process, the integrity, the thoughtful consideration and the potential power of this work as we move forward in a challenging year.  I remain grateful to a very dedicated and diligent group of colleagues ---- please thank them for their selfless service! Mary Jo Dolasinski, Faizan Ali, Priyanko Guchait, Margaret Heng, Xander Lub, Theresa Lind, Stephanie Hein, Manisha Singal, David Pearlman, Tina Aquino, and Annette Graham.  I am also grateful to so many of you, who have shared your feedback, your viewpoints, and your time and expertise.  In total, nearly 250 members provided voice to this process.  

I wish each of you the best as you grapple with the many unpredictable circumstances of this fall semester.  

Be well, all!


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