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President's Message Year, New Beginnings

Joy Dickerson is President of ICHRIE.

ICHRIE Members believe in ~the Spirit of Hospitality ~Knowledge ~Participation and Collaboration ~Inclusiveness~

Happy 2021 to all!  I hope this year brings all of you peace, joy, hope, and good health!

As I reflect on our new year, I want to first congratulate Kathy McCarty, our 20-year ICHRIE CEO who is now officially retired. We are grateful for her many contributions and her dedication to ICHRIE. I know we all wish Kathy much happiness as she moves into her next chapter in life!

In this new year, I also look forward to working with our new team of ICHRIE leaders! Rai Shacklock, Dr. Fred Mayo, and Dr. Reg Foucar-Szocki will be leading us for the first several months of 2021. Rai will be leading us as the Executive Director (Interim) of Member Services and Communication; Fred will serve as the Executive Director (Interim) of Outreach and Partnerships; Reg will be overseeing the activity of our home office as the Executive Director (Interim) of Operations.  This team has been working together and with our committees and staff since October to gain an understanding of the activity and operations of ICHRIE. Their energy, enthusiasm, and passion for ICHRIE is infectious! Please feel free to contact each of them with your thoughts and questions.
2020 is arguably the year of all years that most of us are happiest to leave behind. Surely COVID-19 was nowhere on the horizon when we were planning our New Year’s resolutions for 2020; not only did the pandemic affect our “resolutions”, but it also affected our “normal ways of living.”  

But we have made efforts to adapt this year. We were literally catapulted into new ways of living our lives.  CHANGES galore! Changes in how we meet, how we educate, how we conduct ourselves socially. And I, for one — was not initially excited to work remotely, to have virtual meetings, or to leave my in-person classroom.

But despite the challenges that this pandemic has presented to us both individually and collectively, these challenges have also created opportunity in our ICHRIE organization. Opportunity has been created to communicate and collaborate more than ever with our ICHRIE colleagues. Virtual professional development has repeatedly occurred in our federations and in ICHRIE.  Further, our committees now meet and engage much more frequently.  We are connected like never before.

So while many of us have been wishing for things to “go back to normal”, it is becoming apparent that “normal” will take on a whole new definition. Changes have been happening and many of our changes are becoming anchored by the benefits we have found in 2020.

And here we are amidst a world of change in ICHRIE. New beginnings. A new canvas. A new strategic plan. The quest for a new leader. The exercise in determining our true needs as an organization.  Yes, in 2021 we have the opportunity to make some big changes ­— all to create a more dynamic and vibrant ICHRIE. Your ICHRIE Directors, Federation Presidents, the Executive Team, and your Leadership Team are all working with great diligence and excitement.  

Right now, we are forming a Transitional Steering Committee to lead us into the decisions of “what we want” from a Hybrid organizational model. Many teams from all federations will be formed to examine the functional areas of our organization—what do we want for our future and how can we best execute those needs and operational requirements? Additionally, a Leadership Search Committee is developing to explore the requirements and qualifications for our next ICHRIE leader.  

And what else is changing? Technology is a focal point for ICHRIE currently. We have a “Technology Task force”!  Our thanks to Linchi Kwok (chair), Cihan Cobanoglu, Damien Duchamp, Maggie Feng, and Ajay Aluri. This team is gathering information at the present, learning what we have in place, learning what our members would “like” to have in place, encouraging our members to re-imagine our future, and then strategizing how these needs can most effectively be met through technology enhancements.

Our ICHRIE Committees are involved in many innovative and creative discussions. The following are just a few of the conversations that could create positive change within our organization. The Membership Committee is examining new potential categories of membership. Our Networking committee is working diligently to revitalize our Special Interest Groups. Our Marketing Committee has a whole global campaign with members from all around the globe participating in postings. The Education Committee has been working with HCareers to promote and synergize our partnership. The Research Committee is brainstorming new ways we might attract and mentor our younger faculty and future faculty. And the Conference Committee (with the 75th Anniversary Committee) is actively working to determine how to best meet the needs of all through the addition of a hybrid component. Finally, our ESD Board of Governors is working toward a virtual April conference for our Honors students—culminating in a Joint Virtual Induction Ceremony!

Yes, lots of good, positive change is happening in our organization!  Change can be exciting and change can reposition us into a new and contemporary “normal.” Let’s embrace the changes that are ahead of us this year!

Happy new beginnings!
Cheers to 2021,

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