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President's Message

Spring Update - All Hands on Deck

Greetings, as you work through these early days of the New Year. I thought of sharing a few updates on what has been happening at ICHRIE Board, and other related aspects.

Spring ICHRIE Board of Directors (BODs) Meeting. As you know the BODs meet usually in January of the year at the location of the summer conference. The Board meeting was held at the Renaissance Indian Wells and Resort Hotel in Palm Springs on January 12-13. During the BODs meeting each of the Directors discussed their progress so far, and also plans for the future. Overall the meeting was very productive, and I think (and here I understanding I am speaking for the Board) we all came out excited about the future activities, particularly the 2018 Summer Conference. At the summer conference business meeting you will get an opportunity to hear directly from the BODs of their accomplishments of this year.

The BODs also had an opportunity to tour the property. Even though it is a large hotel and spa, I found there were still nice areas for us to meet, and interact with each other. I am indeed looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

Summer Conference 2018. As you know, the BODs, and the ICHRIE Office will be working hard to pull together the summer conference. We will also need your assistance as moderators in several of our sessions. We hope you will volunteer. And I also hope you will send in your suggestions on how we can continue to improve our conference experience. Please either send your suggestions to Lea Dopson (Director of Conferences) or to me and I can share it with the necessary individuals.

Webinars. As you know, we have launched the ICHRIE webinars since November last year. We intend to continue this activity, and have our first one for the year planned for February 2018. We hope you will consider participating. Furthermore, we are planning future webinars for the rest of this year. So if you have ideas of topics that would be interest to the larger ICHRIE membership, then please do share those idea with us. Either send your suggestions to me or to the Director of Networking, Ajay Aluri.

ICHRIE Board of Director Elections. Please stay tuned as the BOD elections will be coming around soon. It is critical that you vote for these positions, to choose our future Board of Directors. You should be hearing on that front soon.

Looking ahead. As I begin the second half of my Presidency, we will continue to look at potential initiatives for the remainder of this year, and also identify areas to enhance in our ongoing activities. The Comprehensive Organizational Review Committee, lead by Dennis Reynolds, has been working diligently. Dennis was also at the January Board meeting to report on that progress, and provide feedback to the Board. I will be working with the BODs and the ICHRIE office to see how we might implement the recommendations emerging from the comprehensive organizational review discussions. Furthermore, I will also be looking at ways to consolidate our efforts of this past/current year, so that I can hand them over to the incoming President in manner that there is some level of sustainability.

Communication continues… As in the Fall of last year, the BODs will be on bi-weekly phone calls, pushing forward our agenda items for this year. Most importantly, all hands will be on deck in preparation for the year end, and of course the summer conference. If there is anything you would like to bring to the attention of the BOD, or might have suggestions for the conference, do provide your feedback.

That’s it for now… hope you continue to have a great start to this New Year. I will be back with more updates soon. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, do send them along.


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