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CEO's Message

What are You Bringing to the Party?

On January 10-11, 2020, the Board of International CHRIE met at the site of the July 22-24, 2020 conference—the Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. This gathering of ICHRIE leadership not only provided a forum to discuss the business side of International CHRIE, but also offered an opportunity to discuss some immediate goals for the organization and to begin addressing what’s needed to make those goals a reality.

In an attempt to plan the body of work needed to not only maintain—but also to increase—the sense of value to CHRIE members, the Board is focusing its efforts on key areas of CHRIE—membership, conference, publications, networking, governance and the website.  Board members are charged with discussing desired outcomes for the assigned areas and with developing plans for achieving those outcomes.    

Achieving the goals set out for ICHRIE will mean we have to all work together.  It is always interesting to observe members working together and I am always struck by the sense of synergy that occurs when people work together, put pen to paper and record their goals and action plans. There’s no doubt that with the intellectual brain power of our ICHRIE members is impressive with their fresh, innovative and creative ways to increase the value and visibility of International CHRIE.

Making all of the ideas become a reality won’t happen overnight, but you will begin to see changes and improvements and it is because of what each ICHRIE board member has to offer to the process that these ideas became part of the immediate plans of action for the organization.  

We now begin the task of working the plan and making these ideas happen. International CHRIE needs every person and entity associated with us to participate in making these ideas happen. And each one of us—whether we’re individual, institutional or organizational CHRIE members, whether we’re sponsors, advertisers or partners with CHRIE—will add to the synergy begun at the January Board meeting in Phoenix.    

Each and every one of us has something we can bring to this party. Each and every one of us has ideas, talents and creativity we can offer, share and use to increase the value and visibility of International CHRIE. I think there is some “law of life” that says you can’t sit on the sidelines at a party and then complain that you’re not having any fun (and besides that, we ARE in the hospitality industry).  

Achieving our goals is serious business and requires each one of us to make the commitment to participate and to contribute. And I cannot help but believe that the group dynamics and synergy created by your participation in the ICHRIE party will make it a pleasant experience. So my question is, “What will you bring to the party?”

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