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Anders Justenlund
University College Northern Denmark

Seasonal Greetings and a Happy New Year from EuroCHRIE to all in ICHRIE!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. Indeed, it is! This is the time to reflect on the year that has past what have we achieved in 2017? What were our successes and what were the failures in the year that have past? How can we learn from our mistakes and sustain our successes for the year ahead?

As mentioned in my earlier Communique articles EuroCHRIE has indeed been outside of its comfort zone the past year, but meant in its most positive sense. We have had our first conference ever on the African continent, which was a huge success even though it was during election time in Kenya. We could have moved the conference elsewhere, but we choose to keep with our destination and hosted the conference as planned. Doing this we received a lot of positive feedback from both African and international delegates.

What have we learned from our Kenyan Experience? One thing for sure, which is, that we are far from achieving our goals of more African institutions joining EuroCHRIE... if this conference will be a one-time only event. We need to be present in the region and engage much more with our members if we are going to succeed. To do so the EuroCHRIE board has decided to test a new conference concept. We will in 2018 organise online “small group-conferences” based on one or two topics, which is of interest to our members. By doing this we will create stronger value propositions for our members via more engagement, networking across continents and provide a more affordable conference concept than the annual EuroCHRIE conference. By time it is the intention that these small group online events should develop into offline events where our members meet in person. I am happy that the EuroCHRIE Director of Research and Education will develop the concept in detail and make sure that we share valuable knowledge and experiences across borders and continents.  

New Appointments to the EuroCHRIE board
Since the ICHRIE Summer conference in Baltimore our board have been without a Director of Education and Director of Marketing. After our meeting in Nairobi in October, I am happy to announce that we yet again have a full EuroCHRIE board. As federation president I have appointed Dr. Florian Hummel as Interim Director of Marketing. Dr. Hummel currently holds a professorship at IUBH and is the academic director of his institution. He is based in Berlin, Germany. Dr. Hummel has at the same time been appointed as Area Consultant for Germany.

As our new interim Director of Education, I have appointed a familiar face to EuroCHRIE, Henri Kuokkanen, which is currently on his final stage of completing his Ph.D. Mr. Kuokkanen has earlier served the EuroCHRIE federation board as Director of Membership. He currently works as an independent lecturer and researcher in the fields of revenue management and Corporate Social Responsibility. Henri Kuokkanen has decades of experience from both hospitality education and the telecom industry.  

Furthermore, we can also welcome two new Area Consultants to the EuroCHRIE board. Hjalte Mansa has been appointed as our new AC for Denmark and Andy Heyes has been appointed as an extra AC to United Kingdom.

We have set a strong team and we are all ready to face our new ventures in 2018. I hope that you will provice a warm CHRIE welcome to our new board members when you meet them in the future at federation conferences and/or next July when we all meet in sunny Palm Springs for the Summer conference and market place.

2018 EuroCHRIE ventures—We are ready to “BE INSPRIRED”
In 2018 we are headed to Dublin, Ireland for our annual EuroCHRIE conference, when Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is hosting us under the theme “Be Inspired”. Next year our conference is scheduled for November 7-9. I do hope that we yet again can welcome delegates from all federations! If you would like to submit a paper the deadline for this is March 16. For further details and registration please go to We are always looking for new initiatives for our conference concept and if you have any ideas for workshops or other interactive activities you are more than welcome to contact the conference organizing committee via the website. Conference Chair for our Dublin conference is our current EuroCHRIE Vice President, Dr. Ralf Burbach.

In 2018 we are going into the next planning phase for our 2019 conference, which is going to be an entire new conference to both EuroCHRIE and ApacCHRIE, when our federations will be hosting the very first joint conference ever! In May 2019 we will all meet in Hong Kong, when the hosting institution, Hong Kong Poly U. and Conference Chair Prof. Dr. Kaye Chon will open their doors to this very special event.

I am looking forward to personally to participate in this year’s ApacCHRIE conference in Guangzhou, China, where EuroCHRIE board members will participate in the ApacCHRIE board meeting and where we together will be welcoming federation members and non-members to our joint conference.

We are ready to take the next step together with our ApacCHRIE friends.

For now, I will extend my best wishes for the season and wish all our friends in NENA, WEST, Central, SECSA, and AsiaPacific a prosperous New Year!


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