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Godwin-Charles Ogbeide
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Conference Review

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The 3rd Annual Central CHRIE Conference was held in Ames, Iowa on April 6-7, 2018. Central CHRIE Conference is devoted to the hospitality and tourism educators, industry professionals, as well as students and covered various topics in the hospitality and tourism field. The Department of Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management at Iowa State University hosted the conference in 2018.

On the first day of the conference, Dr. Eulanda Sanders, the chair of the Department of Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management at Iowa State University (ISU) welcomed all attendees to ISU and presented each Central CHRIE board member at the conference with a welcome gift bag. Dr. Godwin-Charles Ogbeide, President of Central CHRIE, gave an update on Central CHRIE and introduced the opening keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Bosselman. The Keynote presentation was titled, “2020 Vision.” Dr. Bosselman urged all the attendees to think beyond one way of accomplishing a vision. He encouraged hospitality and tourism educators and leaders to think beyond the same way we have always done things. Some of the key questions hospitality and tourism educators should consider, include “why are we using a Monday thru Friday class schedule? Why are the majority of our courses 3 credit hours? Why do we usually have one faculty member per class? In addition, he urged all members of Central CHRIE to support the federation because it takes all members and member institutions to make Central CHRIE the best federation possible.

The conference continued with concurrent paper presentations followed by “Lunch and Learn” presentation by Mr. Wes Ehrecke, the President of Iowa Gaming Association. The lunch was great, and Mr. Ehrecke enlightened the attendees about riverboat gaming and the latest trend in gaming. The “Lunch and Learn” presentation was accompanied by poster sessions one and two. This year’s posters were amazing. Central CHRIE had a lot of amazing poster presentations. It was not easy to decide the poster for the best poster award. The judges of the best poster, Dr. Bosselman, Ogbeide, and Chengming (James) Hu had their work cut out for them. The poster sessions were accompanied by another session of concurrent paper presentations. The first day of the conference concluded with a superb networking reception, which was catered by the “IowaStater” Restaurant at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center. The networking reception was a great occasion to meet and greet other members of the federation and welcome new Central CHRIE members. The newcomers had the opportunity to meet and network with experienced attendees, colleagues and industry peers while having a great time with the provided hospitality.

The second day of the conference commenced with the symposia sessions, followed by the industry panel session. Dr. Ogbeide facilitated the industry panel discussion, and it was very informative. Ms. Jessica Dunker, the President of Iowa Restaurant Association, apprised the attendees with the latest trend in the foodservice industry. Mr. Abid Talic, the President of Iowa Lodging Association and Regional General Manager of Paramount Hotel Group, informed the attendees about the current trend in the lodging industry. Ms. LuAnn Reinders, the Research & Insights Manager of Iowa Tourism Office, elaborated on the most recent trends in the tourism industry and potential opportunities for faculty collaboration.

The industry panel session was accompanied by additional concurrent paper presentations. The Award Lunch followed the paper presentations. The best poster award was presented to Syafiqah Rahamat and Dr. Susan W. Arendt on their poster on the “ Influence of Consumers’ Intention and Use of Menu labeling on Purchase Behavior.” Three papers were selected for the best paper award:

1. Overall Effects of Minimum Wage Policy Implementation on Malaysian Hotel Employees
    Authors: Nur Hidayah Che Ahmat and Susan W. Arendt
2. Social Trust and Destination Image Destination Source Credibility as a Mediator
    Authors: Heelye Park and SoJung Lee
3. Destination Personality of Kansas: How to Make the Metaphor Simpler?
    Authors: Naiqing Lin and Kevin Roberts
The best paper award was presented to Heelye Park and SoJung Lee for their paper on “Social Trust and Destination Image Destination Source Credibility as a Mediator.”

The award lunch concluded with the President Award, which is the highest individual recognition a member of the Central CHRIE may receive from its federation. It was designed to honor a long time service commitment of a Central CHRIE member. It is presented to a Central CHRIE member in recognition of the individual’s outstanding contributions and service both to hospitality and tourism education as well as to Central CHRIE. This award serves as a representation of what a true hospitality and tourism educator and leader should be. 2018 Central CHRIE President Award was presented to Dr. Robert Bosselman.

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