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About this Series of Education Articles

Mokie Steiskal, President, ICHRIE

As the President of ICHRIE, I was asked by Rachel Chen, the current Director of Education, to comment on the articles in this edition of the Communique.  Read more...

New Opportunities and Challenges in Research

Rachel Chen, Director of Education, ICHRIE

As mentioned by all authors within this themed issue, “Teaching Skills that the Hospitality and Tourism Industries Need,” a combination of innovative education and experiential learning... Read more...

Long Shadows

Kathy McCarty, CEO, ICHRIE

This coming year will bring my seventeen-year anniversary with International CHRIE.  In some ways, the time has flown by and, overall, it’s been quite an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade it for anything!   Read more...

Enhancing Student Employability through Mentoring

Maureen Brookes, Immediate Past President, ICHRIE

In 2008, the Oxford School of Hospitality Management (OSHM) launched the Bacchus Mentoring Programme. The aim of the programme is to develop students’ personal and professional skills to enhance their employability and smooth their transition from higher education to the workplace. Read more...

The Emergence of Vietnam’s Tourism Development and the Need to “Catch up” in Tourism and Hospitality Education & Training

Thu Thi Trinh, principal, Pegasus International College

Vietnam’s tourism development strategy, Vision to 2030, has been approved so that by 2020, tourism will become a key economic sector. It will be modern and professional with a relatively uniform technical infrastructure; its tourism products will be...  Read more... 

Meeting Industry Demands in the Classroom

Kevin Roberts, Associate Professor, Kansas State University

The Dean of our college recently shared with me a clip from The Middle, which aired in the middle of November.  In the clip, the Hecks’ daughter, Sue, decided to declare Hospitality and Hotel Management as her degree choice.  Read more...

Discovering the Skills Necessary to Succeed Within the Hospitality Industry

Mary Dawson, Associate Dean, University of Houston

All of us want to prepare students with the skills and knowledge that the industry needs and wants. Our goal is to equip our students with the proper competencies in order to gain employment and to be successful in whatever career paths they select.  Read more...

Addressing the Dichotomy between Industry & Education Perceptions of Hospitality Graduate Competencies: Some Food for Thought

Ralf Burbach, assistant head, Dublin Institute of Technology

The literature has suggested that today’s hospitality graduates have fallen short of meeting industry needs in their graduate attributes and competencies (Davidson and Wang, 2011; Raybould and Wilkins, 2005; Ruetzler et al., 2014).  Read more...

Practice Makes Perfect: Teaching Skills that the Hospitality Industry Needs and Wants

Cynthia Deale, Past President, ICHRIE

Hospitality and tourism education programs focus on preparing students for management positions in the hospitality and tourism industry, but what are those skills...  Read more...



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