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How ICHRIE Works for You

At International CHRIE our goal is to provide our members with the ability to influence our ever-changing field while gaining professional and personal growth through opportunities designed to encourage dialogue and the open exchange of information.

By joining International CHRIE, you have the ability to make your membership work for you. Download the membership application.


International CHRIE members have access to the largest international network of hospitality and tourism educators, industry professionals, students, corporations and associations, academic and industry resources, opportunities, and publications with the latest research, innovations and trends in hospitality & tourism – invaluable in both the classroom and in business operations.

  • Advertising Opportunities - Corporations and Institutions can advertise in an array of ICHRIE Publications, as well as through Professional Opportunity Advertisements online and in print.
  • Sponsorship - ICHRIE offers sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities at our conferences and participation at other special events internationally.
  • Partner Program - Institutions and Corporations can be recognized as an International CHRIE Partner through the purchase of sponsorships, advertising, membership, and other contributions.


ICHRIE members have unique access largest network of hospitality and tourism educators, industry professionals, students, corporations and associations. This network gives our members the opportunity to create, strengthen and build lasting relationships, increase visibility for yourself and your program with industry leaders and professionals around the world.

  • Networking – ICHRIE Members receive discounted rates to attend ICHRIE conferences. Members learn from a range of educational sessions and build relationships with though leaders and industry professionals at an array of networking events attended by industry professionals and decision makers from around the world. ICHRIE members receive exclusive discounts for regional and federation events.
  • Leadership - ICHRIE members participate in or chair one of our many Special Interest Groups (SIGs), participate in and lead ICHRIE committees, lead tasks forces or serve on ICHRIE’s member-appointed Board of Directors.
  • Career Information – Institutions can list professional opportunities on the ICHRIE website for faculty related positions. An online job search engine useful for students and industry professionals is also available.
  • Faculty Internships – Corporations have the opportunity to host Faculty Internships during the summer. ICHRIE members are eligible to apply for available Faculty Internship opportunities.
  • Present and Publish – ICHRIE Members can promote and present research at the annual conference and other ICHRIE events, and can publish scholarly work through our award-winning publications.
  • Recognition - ICHRIE members are nominated for and receive numerous prestigious awards for outstanding work in research, teaching and service, and recognized for outstanding academic achievement in over 90 international Eta Sigma Delta honor societies.


ICHRIE members develop both professionally and personally with access to cutting edge industry research, innovative products, solutions and services, industry trends, networking events worldwide, ICHRIE leadership positions, career information, opportunities to present and publish work, as well as be recognized and acknowledged by industry leaders and peers.

  • ICHRIE Penn State Research Reports – The ICHRIE Penn State Research Reports is a series of peer-reviewed research reports based on academic research findings targeted towards industry practitioners and policymakers, translate academic research findings into practical applications; interpret the extensive academic research of the ICHRIE community to inform industry practice and policymakers and place International CHRIE in the strategic forefront of generating and widely disseminating translational research in the hospitality and tourism industries. Sponsored by The Pennsylvania State University School of Hospitality Management.
  • The Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases (JHTC) – An internationally refereed electronic journal (e-journal) published by ICHRIE, the JHTC distributes quality case studies to academics and professionals interested in using the case study method as a teaching, research and/or management tool, an invaluable source of knowledge providing understanding and lessons learned to tourism and hospitality academics, researchers, advanced students, and Professionals alike.
  • The Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education (JHTE) - The award-winning JHTE is a refereed, interdisciplinary quarterly magazine designed to serve the needs of all levels of hospitality and tourism education through the presentation of issues and opinions pertinent to this ever-changing field.
  • The Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research (JHTR) - Published four times each year, the JHTR offers high quality refereed articles which advance the knowledge base of the hospitality field.
  • The Guide to College Programs – The Guide to College Programs in Hospitality, Tourism, & Culinary Arts is the only complete international guide to accredited programs in hospitality and tourism—an essential resource for prospective students and industry employees seeking advancement through education, career counselors, corporate recruiters and industry organizations. The Guide to College Programs provides listings by specialization and geographic location detailing educational opportunities available at two-year, four-year, and graduate-level hospitality and tourism programs, student enrollment, program features, accreditation, admission and graduation requirements, and financial aid sources.
  • Communiqué - The International CHRIE monthly newsletter includes timely news and information about the world of hospitality and tourism education, special features and a Professional Opportunities section listing employment opportunities.
  • Pioneers of the Hospitality Industry: Lessons from Leaders, Innovators & Visionaries – The Hospitality Pioneer series is a tribute to those dedicated individuals who have shaped the hospitality industry through their colorful lives, their foresight, and their leadership.


ICHRIE members have access to industry-related publications, opportunities to submit their latest research, and year-round opportunities to collaborate with your fellow members on events and publications.
Members receive 24-hour access to resources through the exclusive members section of our website.
As a member you have access to and support from the International CHRIE Board and Committees, Leadership of ICHRIE’s six Federations, as well as the administrative staff at the ICHRIE office.

Who Can Join International CHRIE?

When you join International CHRIE, you receive the best in hospitality and tourism education available outside the classroom. Membership is open to everyone interested in impacting the future of the hospitality and tourism industry.

ICHRIE Memberships Attract Members from These Three Sectors:

  • Industry: corporate professionals/executives in restaurants and foodservice, hotels and lodging, travel and recreation service; hospitality and tourism publishers; and suppliers.
  • Education: educators, researchers and administrators from schools, colleges and universities with programs in foodservice, hotels and lodging, travel and recreation services; graduate students; and retired educators.
  • Associations: association leadership and staff with an interest in hospitality and tourism education.

Our Global Reach

ICHRIE is truly an international organization representing members from almost all continents. There is international representation in the organization’s governance structure and governing bodies. ICHRIE facilitates the international exchange of hospitality scholars and educators through networking opportunities; provides venues and media for international educators, scholars and industry professionals to share new knowledge information; contributes to maintaining the highest standards of education at all institutions of hospitality education globally through its accreditation council.

Experience what we have to offer...

Become a supporting member of ICHRIE's large educational force that continues to grow with members throughout North America and in countries around the world.

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