> President's Message

President's Message

Meet the International CHRIE Board of Directors for 2021-2022

The elected officers of ICHRIE will be the Immediate Past President, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom are members of the ICHRIE Board of Directors. The elected officers shall constitute the Executive Committee and shall act in the absence of the Board. The Chief Executive Officer (hired by ICHRIE) and an Advisor to the Board shall be ex officio members of the Executive Committee, without vote.

The actions of the Executive Committee shall be subject to ratification by the full Board of Directors. The elected officers are charged with enforcing the Code of Conduct that applies to all officers and Board members.

Other Members of the Board the ICHRIE Board of Directors shall also include the following elected members, who shall retain voting rights on matters presented to the Board of Directors: the Director of Education, Director of Research, Director of Marketing, Director of Networking, Director of Conference, Director of Industry Services, Director of Member Services and Development, and the Chair of the Eta Sigma Delta Board of Governors. The Federation Presidents shall be ex officio members, with vote, of the Board; the CEO shall be an ex officio member, without vote, of the Board.

From time to time, the President may appoint one (1) Advisor to the Board to serve on the board in a renewable, nonvoting capacity for a term of up to one year.

Executive Committee
President (2020-2021)
Lea Dopson
California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
Vice President (2021-2022)
Ralf Burbach
Technological University Dublin
Secretary (2021-2023)
Tassie Pippert
James Madison University
Treasurer (2020-2022)
Lisa Slevitch
Oklahoma State University
Immediate Past President (2021-2022)
Joy Dickerson
Delaware County Community College
Executive Director
Fran Brasseux
International CHRIE
Board of Directors
Director of Education (2021-2023)
Don Schoffstall
Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte
Director of Marketing (2021-2023)
Anders J. Justenlund
University College of Northern Denmark
Director of Industry Services (2021-2023)
Steve Hood
Director of Member Services (2020-2022)
Miranda D. Kitterlin-Lynch
Florida International University
Director of Conferences (2020-2022)
Kimberly S. Severt
The University of Alabama
Director of Networking (2021-2023)
James Williams
University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Director of Research (2020-2022)
Seung Hyun (Jenna) Lee
East Carolina University
ESD Board Chair
Ruth Lee O'Rourke
James Madison University
Federation Presidents
Asia Pacific CHRIE (APacCHRIE) President
Seong Seop “Samuel” Kim
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Central Federation (CentralCHRIE) President
Ajai Ammachathram
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
EuroCHRIE Federation President
Henri Kuokkanen
Institut Paul Bocuse
Northeast North America (NENA) Federation President
Kirsten Tripodi
Sacred Heart University
Southeast, Central & South American (SECSA) Federation President
Lisa Cain
Florida International University
West Federation (WFCHRIE) President
Saehya Ann
California State University, East Bay
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