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President's Message

Springtime - A Time of Renewal!

Joy Dickerson is President of ICHRIE, now at

We believe in The Spirit of Hospitality, Knowledge, Participation and Collaboration, and Inclusiveness.  We are #hospitalitystrongertogether.

Spring always instills in me a sense of hope and optimism.  I live in the mid-Atlantic region of the US. I love warmth and sunshine, and I love when the budding trees and flowers begin to bloom --- it’s our payoff for enduring the cold and dreary winter months!
But of course, I’m also thinking of our organization in its “springtime”.  The many, many efforts that have been expended on re-imagining ICHRIE over the past year are now beginning to show signs of budding and blossoming.  And I hope you are feeling optimistic and hopeful about the value of our organization in your professional worlds. 

I first want to offer a big CONGRATULATIONS to our ESD Chair and the Board of Governors, the Planning Committee, the Faculty Advisors, and the NINE school sponsors of the Eta Sigma Delta Virtual Student Conference and Virtual Joint Student Induction Ceremony!  You must watch the video!  It was a first for us, and it was incredibly well done. 362 students from 26 schools were inducted into the honor society on April 10.  Further, the conference included excellent speakers, workshops, and break-out sessions with the theme “Hospitality Strong:  Resetting the Industry”.  

Our upcoming Virtual Conference is also budding!  The excitement continues to grow!  The keynote speakers are confirming, our research team has reviewed the papers, posters, and symposia and our leadership team is working diligently on making this a truly international conference!  You cannot miss this conference!  The quality, the care, and the thoughtful planning of this conference is so notable --- you will NOT want to miss this!  Conference registration is open!  Check our website. 

The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are meeting!  We have SIG chairs and vice-chairs, and groups will meet throughout the year.  There will be designated time during our virtual conference for our SIG groups to meet!  Are you in a SIG?  What a great opportunity to share and learn from each other!

Don’t forget to nominate your colleagues or yourself for an ICHRIE award!  Information is on our website and you can submit through May 15.  Let’s honor our members! 

We are incredibly grateful to our editors, who now will have an opportunity to “take a breath”.  It’s sometimes easy to forget how many manuscripts our members are reading in a year so that we can continue to research, discover, and share information to inform our teaching.   Sincerest thanks for your contributions, the integrity you have given to your publication, and for your tireless efforts:
Dr. Chris Roberts and Dr. Linda Shea, JHTR
Dr. Amit Sharma, ICHRIE Research Reports
Dr. Wilco Chan, JHTC
Dr. Willy Legrand, JHTC

I want to encourage you to take a leading role as we execute our strategic plans into the next academic year!  Nominations are open for the 2022-2023 ICHRIE open Board positions:
Vice President
Director of Conferences
Director of Membership
Director of Research

And don’t forget to join us this Friday, April 30 at NOON ET, as our members and colleagues have initiated a panel discussion to address the anti-Asian American/Pacific Islander hate and disrespect.  This panel directly aligns with one of our core values:  Inclusiveness.  We’re excited to host this session and hope that it begins a series of learning opportunities, offered by our members, for our members.  

Finally, please know how diligently our office team and Interim Executive Directors are working for this organization!   The “behind the scenes” work is happening every day!   From the all-in-one software implementation, to the strong communications, to the membership renewals, to the sponsorship development, to the office efficiencies and daily support --- the work of our incredible team has given ICHRIE new opportunity to “RESET”.  

So, there is a lot of “budding” in our ICHRIE organization.  Keep watching for the blossoms of our ICHRIE “springtime”!

Be well,

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