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President's Message You "C" What I See

Welcome to the next academic year 2020-2021!  For most of us, it’s not exactly as we would have imagined at the beginning of 2020.   We’re now routinely asking each other — Are you back on campus? Or Online?  Or Hybrid?  Will you be using new tools, new platforms?  What new best practices will you be incorporating into your teaching? What new ideas are you using for your culinary classes?  What are you doing for internship requirements?  — these were not our dominant discussion points a year ago.  For many of us (certainly not all), online learning as a primary delivery format was not on the immediate radar.  COVID-19 was not even a topic, much less a topic to alter our classroom best practices.  And yet here we are, thrust into a new paradigm, rising to the challenge, working in a unified effort, and doing the best we can to advocate for hospitality education in an uncertain environment. 

Organizationally, the global pandemic has also created some new conversations.  Will we be able to travel?  Will our schools support our professional development efforts?  Will our conferences take on a new format?  How will all of this affect our ICHRIE budget?  Colleagues — we have no easy answers.  We have challenges and uncertainties to grapple with, just as we do in our places of employment.  BUT, I maintain that challenge provides opportunity, and it is our focus in this academic year, to capitalize on our strengths and create a pathway to explore opportunity. 

Further, as you all know, our CEO will be leaving ICHRIE after 20 years of dedicated service.  Kathy McCarty has provided great leadership and stability during her tenure with ICHRIE, but on December 31, Kathy will retire.  Therefore, we will also be looking at new leadership options for our organization. Please know that our Board of Directors will be exploring options carefully and thoughtfully during the next few months.  Your comments and ideas are welcome.  And we will work to keep you informed as we move through our process of exploration. 

While the term “uncertainty” is all abound, it my hope that you can see (or “C”) the Certainties we hold within ICHRIE.   Here are just a few things to “C”:  1)  newly agreed upon CORE VALUES, which will guide us in our actions and our decisions; 2)  Collaborations, Connectedness, and Community — a beautifully multi-cultural and global community of hospitality professionals --- willing to share and collaborate and learn from each other; 3)  Collegiality and Courtesy — a spirit of hospitality toward each other that provides respect and appreciation for each other’s talents, knowledge, and expertise; 4)  Communication — a promise to listen to your comments and suggestions and to keep you informed as we move through our year together; 5) Celebration — a 75th anniversary to celebrate for a full year!  So, you “C”, we have a lot of foundational strength in ICHRIE.

  1. Core Values, Mission, and Vision:  Based on your survey responses, the Strategic Planning Committee has proposed a new set of Core Values, a new mission statement and a revised vision statement.  Your ICHRIE Board of Directors gave final approval to these new statements on July 28, 2020.  Commit these to memory!  Remember, the values are foundational to the mission statement, and the mission moves us toward the vision.  Soon, the new Strategic Plan 2025 will be presented to you, reflecting our newly established values, mission, and vision statements.

The Core Values:

Our organization will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to

  • The Spirit of Hospitality --- We believe in hospitality as the key to overcome challenges in order to provide our members an unrivaled, personalized service.
  • Knowledge --- We believe education and research serve as conduits to bind the global community
  • Participation and Collaboration --- We continuously evolve as professionals through discovery, experiences, information sharing, and collaborations.
  • Inclusiveness --- We respect people, value diversity, and are committed to equality

The Mission Statement:

ICHRIE is a global and multi-cultural community of hospitality and tourism professionals who are dedicated to the pursuit, discovery, advancement, and sharing of knowledge and experiences, relevant to the hospitality and tourism industry and its future leaders.

The Vision Statement:

To be the global leader of hospitality and tourism education, research, industry engagement, and talent development.

  1. Collaborations, Connectedness, and Community:  Like no other time that I can remember in ICHRIE, have I seen so much collaboration, connectedness, and community.  Every single federation has been involved. We zoom often for many meetings, we offer webinars, we offer educational sessions and best practices sessions, we’re re-energizing SIGS, we offer networking opportunity; we support each other. So, while COVID-19 (the less desirable “C”) has created challenges for all of us, it has catapulted us into new ways of learning, of sharing, of creating, and of being together.  We are #hospitality stronger together. 
  2. Collegiality and Courtesy:  The Spirit of Hospitality — the attitude of “at your service” prevails in all we do.  The opportunities we have with collegiality and courtesy will allow us to sort out our challenges, treat each other with respect, celebrate our multi-culturalism, and move forward with the best interests of ICHRIE in mind. 
  3. Communication:  How can we communicate in ways that will best reach you?  We want you to be updated regularly.  The Communique is a great communication tool!  And ICHRIE sends out regular announcements — I hope you read them!  But we are also talking about potential video announcements from our Board members or potential town hall opportunities.  And be on the lookout for more social media from ICHRIE!
  4. Celebration:  Hospitality folks can celebrate bigger and better than anyone I know! Have you heard that we’ll be celebrating our 75th Anniversary, officially at the Washington, DC Annual Conference and Marketplace, July 28-30, 2020?!  This is a cannot-miss event….let’s plan on reuniting next July 2021! So much activity is being planned — so many efforts for a year full of celebration!  Let us know if you would like to join a committee!

My hope is that we can “C” the many strengths we have as an organization and then use those strengths to meet the challenges that arise throughout the year. Stay tuned! There is much to come in this academic year!  Wishing you the best as you begin your fall semester!

Be well, be safe, be healthy,



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