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Greetings to All! It is hard to believe that by the time you read this, you will have much of the fall semester behind you! Every semester’s journey is rigorous and challenging in various ways, but we keep moving forward --- and before you know it, you’ve guided your students through another semester and helped them to meet yet another milestone.  

And so it is with our ICHRIE journey, as well! It is amazing to me how much we have accomplished since late August!  It has been a rigorous and challenging couple of months, but we are moving forward. The journey is a bit different this year, of course, as COVID-19 has provided us new norms and new ways of accomplishing our responsibilities.  Nonetheless, it’s been an active journey.  I’d like to share some of our work with you!

As we move into an unpredictable year, the ICHRIE Board of Directors has approved an Interim Leadership structure that will take us into and through the first few months of 2021.  The Interim Leadership structure involves three of our Past Presidents who have generously and graciously agreed to share responsibilities and guide us for the first few months of the new year.  Rai Shacklock, Dr. Fred Mayo, and Dr. Reg Foucar-Szocki have come together and agreed to share their strengths and expertise with us as we determine the future organizational model of ICHRIE.  Dr. Mayo will lead us in partner and relationship development, Ms. Shacklock will oversee member services, and Dr. Foucar-Szocki will monitor and oversee the daily operational aspects of our office.  Together, these three share a passion for ICHRIE that spans 91 years of service between them.  They have great organizational knowledge, they have a notable history of ICHRIE leadership roles, they are well-respected by our members, and they bring an infectious excitement for the future of our organization.  In concert with our current reporting structure, the Interim Leadership will report to the President and Vice President of ICHRIE and will establish a working relationship with the Board of Directors and ICHRIE stakeholders.  

Please allow me to introduce……. 

Dr. Reginald Foucar-Szocki joined ICHRIE in 1986. He has served the ICHRIE organization in a variety of roles.  He was the founding President of then METRO-CHRIE.  He chaired the 50th ICHRIE Conference and served as the organization’s President in 1999-2000.  Reg continues to be actively involved in the NENA federation.  Among his many accomplishments, Reg was the recipient of the esteemed Howard B. Meek Award in 2014.  Reg is currently a member of the instructional team in the Hart School of Hospitality, Sport, and Recreation Management at James Madison University in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.   Over the years, Reg served in various roles from Experiential Learning Director for the College of Business, the Academic Unit Head of Hospitality, and as the JW Marriott Professor, and now focuses his time on ethical reasoning and innovation in the classroom.  His work has been celebrated by his alma mater, Michigan State University, the Creative Education Foundation, James Madison University and by ICHRIE.

Dr. Fred Mayo has been a member of ICHRIE for the past twenty-seven years.  He served on the ICHRIE Board from 1999 to 2004 and has continued to be actively involved with committee work for the last sixteen years.  Fred was the first Director of Professional Development in 1999, continued to serve on the Professional Development Committee for ICHRIE, and has presented at numerous Career Academies throughout the years.  He was honored with the Stevenson Fletcher Award for outstanding achievement in contributing innovative ideas, methods or programs that have advanced teaching, learning or practice in the field of hospitality and tourism education, (2010); the Arnold Grossman Outstanding Faculty Service to the LGBTQ Community Award from New York University (2012); the Howard B. Meek Award for Lifetime Contributions and Outstanding Service both to Hospitality Education and to International ICHRIE (2015); and the Anthony G. Marshall Award from the American Hotel and Lodging Association Educational Institute (2016).   Fred recently retired (for a second time) from NYU after fifteen years of service to the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality.

Rai Shacklock became a member of ICHRIE in 1990 and Washington DC was her first conference. She is a founding member of EuroCHRIE and joined the newly formed EuroCHRIE Board as an Area Consultant; she has also been the EuroCHRIE Director of Membership and President. In 2003 she was elected International CHRIE President and was the first native European to hold this honour. Rai remains extremely active with EuroCHRIE and is currently Federation Administrator as well as a member of a range of Committees that include paper reviewer for JHTE, JHTC and she is the co-chair of the Lodging track and track chair for Event Management. 

After 35 years in full time education at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, Rai now has her own educational consultancy business. With many hallmark achievements in her career, Rai has been heralded for her innovative ideas related to curriculum development, teaching, learning, and assessment.  Rai has been honored with the ICHRIE Stevenson W. Fletcher Achievement Award (2019), the ICHRIE JHTC Reviewer of the Year (2015), ICHRIE Howard B. Meek Award (2010) and the ICHRIE John Wiley Award for innovation in Teaching (2008).  

This Interim Leadership structure will allow us to carefully and thoughtfully explore the future organizational structure of our organization.  During the week of October 5, four organizational task forces began to study models that we are exploring for our future.  In total 26 members have come forth, with representation from all federations to serve on these task forces. We are more than grateful for these members who are selflessly helping us to examine the possibilities for our ICHRIE future.  The four task forces under exploration are as follows:  1) the independent model; 2) the association management model; 3) a hybrid model of independent and association management; and 4) the university housing model. The Independent Model uses an ICHRIE leader, paid staff, housing, equipment and resources.  The organization operates “independently”.  Full-time Association Management would allow the organization to be managed by an outside organization that also manages other non-profit organizations.  The various organizations would share services, including (but not limited to) leadership, daily operational duties, and member services. The Hybrid Model would allow the organization to retain a degree of autonomy in leadership or in member services, while outsourcing specific required services.  Finally, the University Housing Model would allow the organization to use headquarters space in a university that offers hospitality, tourism and/or culinary degree programs.  The staff may be ICHRIE staff members or could be university staff members.  ICHRIE would share resources that are commonplace to the university.

By November 7, the Board will convene to review the reports of the task forces and by November 12, we are hopeful to begin to hone in on the most viable option(s).  We vow to keep you informed as the process unfolds.  

The journey is arduous, but with the help of everyone’s participation, collaborative efforts, and generous spirit of hospitality, we will continue to meet milestones and continue to move toward a healthy ICHRIE future.  Let’s make this journey together! #hospitalitystrongertogether

Be well, All!

For the video with additional information, click here.

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