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President's Message

So Much to Talk About

There are a lot of great things to talk about this month! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to our new ICHRIE board members:

Vice President, Lea Dopson
Treasurer, Lisa Slevitch
Director of Conference, Kimberly Severt
Director of Member Services & Development, Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch
Director of Research, Jenna Seung Hyun Lee

I am very excited to share with you this month some of the outcomes of our most recent Board of Directors meeting held in Phoenix, January 10th and 11th. It was a very productive meeting with a productive dialog considering the future of ICHRIE strategically. A few highlights: Vice President Joy Dickerson has been working with a very active Strategic Planning Committee, to discuss strategic planning for the Association. Bill Frye has been diligently working on Bylaws revisions; he worked closely with many Board members during the meeting to ensure that language was appropriate and consistent. The governance of your Association is in good hands and you can be proud of how the board has worked together for the benefit of ICHRIE. Chris Roberts, in his role as immediate past president is developing a process to conduct and manage elections, along with developing a standard rule for election campaigning, similar to the policy adopted by the Academy of Management.

The Strategic Planning committee has developed a member survey, not as a satisfaction survey, but rather an instrument to guide strategic planning. The committee has put a lot of thought into the survey, and I would hope that it becomes a standing rule that such a survey is sent to members each year to gain the voice of members through data rather than anecdote. Be looking for the survey to hit your email box (if you have given us permission!) soon. Thank you Joy and team!

Once again Don Schoffstall and Keith Mandabach have spearheaded the scientific paper, poster and symposium submissions for the Phoenix conference. While our submissions are not as strong as in the past, a team of faculty are coming together to work on offering added presentations on Pedagogy. Thank you to Nick Thomas, Don Schoffstall, David Schweiger, and Joy Dickerson for your efforts. The JW Marriott Desert Springs is a beautiful property; I am confident that everyone in attendance will have a marvelous experience. There are many sights to see within three hours of Phoenix: Sedona, AZ, Flagstaff (and our colleagues at NAU), The Grand Canyon, not to mention the many national forests and wildlife refuges. Alleah Crawford and Steve Hood have planned a great conference; I hope you will be in attendance. We are planning a “Twilight” 9-hole golf outing for some time during the conference; for those interested, please let me know!

Chris Roberts is working with the nomination committee to transform how we conduct, manage, and oversee the election of officers and board members. Based on recommendations from the COR, our new process for building the election slate has transitioned to nominations in the Spring, building and approval of the slate at the annual conference, and the election in November and December. What we uncovered this year is that there is no committee to oversee the entire election process; the bylaws charged a nomination committee, with responsibility only to build the slate of candidates. We are proposing that an election committee be formed to oversee the entire election process, including nominations, slate building and approval, gathering materials from candidates and supporting institutions, to verification of results and potentially handling challenges. For obvious reasons, there were concerns that ICHRIE staff had input on the election process. That was only because we did not have an election committee to oversee all aspects of the annual election.

Also, out of this year’s election came the need for a policy on election campaigning. Over the past 3-5 years, the board has received numerous complaints to the emails, videos, and other forms of electioneering that did not allow for equal time for each candidate. The board has discussed this issue in the past, but never crafted a policy/standing rule to address members’ concerns. As a result, at the Board meeting in January, we drafted language that we adopted from the Academy of Management on campaigning guidelines. In order to be transparent with members, once the language is complete, we will post in a future Communique article.

Many of our Board members have “stepped up to the plate” and dedicated a great amount of time and energy to what is a volunteer but necessary job for the successful running of the Association. We rely heavily on the efforts of our board members to fulfill their elected duties to grow and lead ICHRIE into the future. When we have an active board leadership partnered with the ICHRIE staff, anything can happen. When you speak with a board member, please be sure to thank them for their efforts and ask how you can help; do the same with our ICHRIE staff. They work overtime to ensure member satisfaction. As always, thank you for your membership in ICHRIE.

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