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President's Message CHRIE is On The MOVE!

Joy Dickerson is President of ICHRIE, now at

The next video message is much shorter - only 7 minutes this time!  Here are a few of the highlights that have happened since the last video - we have a LOT going on!

  • It’s the season of our Federation Conferences!  Congratulations to West Federation for the outstanding kick-off conference and kudos to SECSA for another great conference!  NENA will be March 6, EuroCHRIE is March 30, 31, and APacCHRIE will be held June2-4.
  • Don’t forget to submit your papers to the ICHRIE Annual Conference (July 26-29); submission due March 7 (it’s literally right around the corner!).  Don’t forget --- we’re VIRTUAL this year!
  • Renew, renew, renew -----and bring a friend along because ICHRIE is renewed, renewed, renewed!
  • Stay tuned for our new Membership categories and packages.  Our Membership Committee has been working all year to present a proposal to enhance our offerings and increase our membership!  More to come on this topic!
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGS!) ---- which SIGS do you belong to?  Drs. Donna Albano and Ralf Burbach have been meeting with our SIG chairs to formalize the scope and responsibilities of the SIG chairs and committees!  It is our hope that every member has a SIG “home” ---- a special interest group or two that they can network with, share, rely on, and educate!  Such a VALUE to our ICHRIE membership!!
  • Excited to welcome Drs. Li-Chun Lin and Eve Ren to the position of Interim Editors of JHTC!  They will join Dr. Po Ju Chen.  The interim positions will last through 2022.  
  • Finally, the Steering Committee Project Teams have completed their work!  These reports are incredibly thoughtful and provide direction and inspiration for our ICHRIE future!!  Thank you to our 16 project teams (over 80 ICHRIE members participating).  Our Steering Committee leads are now assembling and organizing all information to present to the Board:  Sincerest thanks for a monumental task and excellent leadership: Stephanie Hein, Chrystel Masdupuy, Sheryl Kline, Cynthia Deale, Linchi Kwok, and Mary Jo Dolasinski.  

Please enjoy this momentum! Hop on board! We’re on the move!
In the Spirit of Hospitality,


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