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CEO's Message

Volunteer ICHRIE Leadership

by Kathy McCarty, Chief Executive Officer



The results from the recent ICHRIE election are in and we will be welcoming the following people to the ICHRIE board of directors this coming July during the annual business meeting at our annual summer conference:

Vice President:  Lea Dopson (Cal Poly Pomona)

Treasurer:  Lisa Slevitch (Oklahoma State)

Director of Conference:  Kimberly Severt (University of Alabama)

Director of Member Services & Development:  Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch (FIU)

Director of Research:  Jenna Lee (Eastern Carolina)


Also joining the ICHRIE board of directors this coming July are the incoming Federation presidents:

          From APac CHRIE Federation —Margaret Heng, Shatec Institutes

          From CentralCHRIE Federation —Mary Jo Dolasinski, DePaul University

          From EuroCHRIE Federation —Xander Lub, NHTV University of Applied Sciences

          From NENA Federation—Theresa Lind, James Madison University

          From SECSA Federation—Faisan Ali, University of South Florida Sarasota Manatee

          From West Federation—Priyanko Guchait, University of Houston


Congratulations to all of these incoming ICHRIE board members and many thanks to their schools for supporting their service to International CHRIE.  

Immediate Past President, Dr. Chris Roberts (DePaul), is currently beginning the process of building the election slate for this year’s ICHRIE election which will take place November 1.  Anyone interested in being a candidate for this upcoming election should contact Dr. Roberts at to discuss.  The positions that will be on the upcoming slate are:

Vice President


Director of Education

Director of Marketing

Director of Networking

To learn more about the tasks and responsibilities for these positions, visit the ICHRIE website at  This webpage will link you to the position descriptions for these or any of the other ICHRIE board of director positions.  When you review any of the board position descriptions listed on this webpage, you will discover that serving International CHRIE as a member of the board of directors involves helping us realize our mission to advance knowledge in hospitality and tourism, to advance the goals of the organization and to help support our vision to the become the global leader for hospitality and tourism education and research.

I’ve often said that our volunteer leaders are among the hardest working and most dedicated.  Our board positions are volunteer positions but they do require a commitment of time and attention while serving.  I encourage you to read the position descriptions for any ICHRIE board position you find of interest and to ask questions of any current board members serving in those positions.  The contact information for our current board of directors can be found on the ICHRIE website as well at  

We need people who will bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the organization.  If you have an interest in serving as a volunteer leader of ICHRIE—either now or in the future—please let Dr. Roberts know (  It has been said that “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy.  You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.” 


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