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CEO's Message

Perceived Value

With the arrival of 2020, we’re taking a new look at ICHRIE operations to make sure things are operating with optimum efficiency. Over the years, we’ve put systems in place that have worked quite well but as any efficiency expert will tell you, just because it worked ten years ago doesn’t mean it works now.

Just think about the difference twenty years has made in how we operate at work. We have new technologies and innovations with which to work and stay connected—faster computers, electronic work pads, online social networking groups, smart phone apps and QR codes to name just a few. Things we couldn’t even fathom twenty years ago are now commonplace.  

The latest technologies our children now take for granted as a way of everyday life have made a huge impact on the way we live and work. Most people working today would likely put the Internet and smart phones pretty high up on our list of life-changing discoveries.  The same cannot be said for centenarians. One poll commissioned by United Healthcare Medicare and Retirement showed that although people 100 or older have lived through two world wars, witnessed the advent of space exploration and the birth of the Internet, 44 percent said the one innovation that made the biggest impact on their lives was the electric refrigerator followed by color television. The Internet and smart phones were much lower on the list.

As we look at ICHRIE operations and how we can increase/improve member benefits, we are faced with a similar challenge—our membership is made up of an extremely diverse population representing multiple generation spans. Perceived value is relative and our analyses must take that into consideration.

We’ve added many new things over the past few years to the list of ICHRIE benefits—the ICHRIE Johnson & Wales Case Study Competition, the STR data partnership, the Knowledge Matters simulation competitions, the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases e-journal, the ICHRIE Research Reports and the Hcareers talent and career management partnership.  

We need to make sure that the operational systems in place support both ongoing and any new initiatives. It takes time and financial resources to upgrade systems, but it is a changing world out there and we have to adapt to the changing technologies and new innovations.  With a diverse, multi-generational membership we need to be doing the right things in the right way.

Over the next few months we will be asking you—the member—to give us input on and ideas for how we can make your ICHRIE membership have more meaningful value. When you get a request to complete an ICHRIE survey, please take a few minutes to complete it. We’ll try to construct the survey instruments so you can complete them in just a few minutes. Your responses are critical in our analyses of ICHRIE products, services and operations. I thank you in advance for your willingness to help as we try to improve perceived value.

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