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Maraget Heng

APac CHRIE 2020 Conference

Pearl Lin, Immediate Past President, APacCHRIE Federation

Dear APacCHRIE 2020 participants and sponsors,  

We sincerely regret having to send this notification confirming that the APacCHRIE 2020 Conference will not be held as scheduled in Kaohsiung, Taiwan this May due to ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. The venue and dates of the rescheduled conference will be announced at a future time.  

In light of the recent rapid increase of coronavirus cases in Europe and North America, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic on 11 March.  

Our local government has implemented strict precautions and regulations to combat the spread of the coronavirus:

a. Activities with fewer than 100 participants are strongly encouraged to utilize heightened public hygiene methods.

b. People are advised to wear face masks, especially when in crowded places, and strict personal hygiene is strongly recommended (frequent and thorough washing of hands and not touching the face).

c. Quarantines for or bans on citizens or travelers to Taiwan from certain countries is ongoing.

d. Body temperature assessment before entering public spaces such as hospitals, hotels, schools, etc. is mandatory. 

Global concerns regarding the coronavirus outbreak, difficulties in international travel, and other circumstances all make it impossible for NKUHT to hold the conference. We simply must put participant safety first. Therefore, after close consultation with the Executive Committee, board members of APacCHRIE, and our APacCHRIE 2020 committee members, we have made the difficult decision to postpone APacCHRIE 2020.  

As of March 6, we exceeded our expectations for paper submissions, having received 331 papers. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who has registered for or signed on to sponsor APacCHRIE 2020 in Kaohsiung this year. The continued support of each of you to the sustainable hospitality and tourism industry is very important and cherished.  

Thank you for your understanding in these unfortunate circumstances, and please contact us via email at if you have any questions. For those of you who have signed up as sponsors or registered to participate, we will begin processing full refunds as fast as we can. For those of you have booked the hotel from our official website, the hotel will not charge for your cancellation. 

We hope to see you at future conferences, and we hope that NKUHT and Kaohsiung will again have the honor and opportunity to act as hosts someday.  

In these difficult times, we wish you good health and safety.  



Sophie Liu Conference Chair of APacCHRIE 2020 Conference Dean and Professor, School of Hospitality Management National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism  

Pearl Lin President, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism President, APacCHRIE 


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