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Ralf Burbach
Technological University Dublin

Let's Meet in Hong Kong!

Dear Friends of EuroCHRIE,

You are probably well aware of the first truly Joint International CHRIE Conference hosted by Hong Kong, PolyU and brought to you by the united EuroCHRIE—APacCHRIE federations. The joint conference advisory committee is working very hard with the local organising committee to present to you what is quite possibly going to be the largest conference under the CHRIE banner to date. We have received a record number of well over 500 submissions many of which are from colleagues in the US, which is also testament to the appetite for an ICHRIE conference in an international location.

Please make sure to check out the conference website

At EuroCHRIE, we are constantly trying to innovate and our Dublin conference has shown that we are on the right track. Over the coming months we are aiming to roll out a new website as well as a completely new networking concept—Small Group Meetings under the Euro CHRIE banner. At our annual Spring Board Meeting, we reflected very critically upon our value proposition and we will be announcing gradual changes to how we do things and to what we offer our membership over the next while.

Furthermore, I would like to encourage every EuroCHRIE member to put forward their institution to host a future EuroCHRIE conference. Our Director of Networking (James), I and my other colleagues on the EuroCHRIE Board would only be delighted to assist you in preparing a conference bid, which can be for next year or for any time in the future. From my own personal experience as the Dublin conference chair, I can only assure you that organising and hosting a conference is a hugely rewarding experience.  

I am also delighted to say that the ICHRIE board has decided to extend the existing Emerging Nations Membership rates and has tasked the ICHRIE Director of Membership, Dr. Eric Brown, to develop a long-term sustainable solution for aspiring members from our Emerging Nations.

You will also have noticed that both Anders Justenlund (Director of Marketing) and I (Director of Networking) are standing for positions on the ICHRIE board. We are aiming to give the US, and the non-US federations, a greater voice at Board level. I hope that you will support us with your votes.

I am pleased to announce that we have a number of new Board Members. I would like to thank the outgoing Directors and Area Consultants and welcome a new (interim) Director and a new Area Consultant:

Director of Networking (Conferences)
Dr James Musgrave, Head of Subject, UK Centre for Events Management, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom

Area Consultant Middle East
Dr Scott Richardson, Executive Dean and Associate Professor, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, UAE (Dubai), Director of the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE)

The full list of Euro CHRIE Directors and Area Consultants can be found here

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