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Henri  Kuokkanen
Institut Paul Bocuse
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Meet the EuroCHRIE Board 2021-22

Dr. Henri Kuokkanen – EuroCHRIE President

EuroCHRIE represents over 300 International CHRIE members. The European Federation brings together educators from hospitality, tourism & event management schools and universities into a global network in close cooperation with industry representatives. Under the International CHRIE umbrella, both education and industry combine their efforts to shape the future of hospitality, tourism & events. EuroCHRIE offers an ideal platform to share information through conferences, publications, and individual networking. The organisation’s strength is based on its sheer force of sharing and exchanging ideas, visions, experiences, educational material, research, and technological know-how.

EuroCHRIE serves CHRIE members in Africa, Europe and Middle East, with active members across the three regions. Its boundaries follow the commonly accepted geographical definitions of the respective regions. At the moment, we are eagerly looking forward to welcoming on-site and online delegates to the annual EuroCHRIE conference in Aalborg, Denmark at the end of September 2021!

Henri  Kuokkanen
Institut Paul Bocuse
Vice President
Peter Russell
Russell Partnership Technology
Steven Rhoden
Manchester Metropolitan University
Florian Aubke
FHWien der WKW
Immediate Past President
Xander Lub
Nyenrode Business University
Director of Member Services
Anne Conneally
Sheffield Hallam University
Director of Education
Mats Carlbäck
Örebro University
Director of Research
Dai-in Danny Han    
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
Director of Conference
Maggie Feng
Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences
Director of Industry Relations
Peter Russell
Russell Partnership Technology
Director at Large
Ed Kastli
American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI)
Rai Shacklock





Federation Overview
Meet the EuroCHRIE Board

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