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Ajai Ammachathram
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

A Message from the CentralCHRIE President

Ajai Ammachathram, CentralCHRIE President

Central Federation Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education’s mission represents over 200 members and its aim is to advance knowledge in hospitality and tourism. CentralCHRIE serves the hospitality and tourism education and research programs in the Central USA representing Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The goal of CentralCHRIE is to foster the advancement of teaching, learning, research, and practice in the fields of hospitality and tourism; to encourage the assessment and enhancement of quality hospitality and tourism education; and to extend knowledge pertaining to hospitality and tourism education.

At CentralCHRIE we constantly plan and coordinate professional development activities for our federation members. In 2019, CentralCHRIE conducted a survey with over 125 faculty members to identify various interests and topics in education and professional development and as a result, the webinar series called “Zoom-in” was started. Our dedicated board members are here to serve and with the constant feedback and encouragement from our membership we keep the ball rolling. At CentralCHRIE the “Central” focus is absolutely our members!!!

Ajai Ammachathram
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Vice President
Susan Gordon
Purdue University
Chris Woodruff
Lake Michigan College
Jichul Jang
Kansas State University
Immediate Past President
Mary Jo Dolasinski
DePaul University
Director of Education
Amy McCluskey Bardwell
Illinois State University
Director of Industry Relations
Kristin Malek
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Director of Marketing
James (Chengming) Hu
St. Ambrose University
Director of Members Services
Brandon Howell
Indiana University
Director of Networking
Shawn (Shinyong) Jung
Purdue University
Director of Research
James (Seung Hyun) Kim
Michigan State University


Federation Overview
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