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Suzanne Bagnera
Boston University

Passing of the Pineapple

This last academic year can be looked at like it was a pineapple! There definitely some bumpy spots like the skin as well as some thorny parts like crown. But when we get down to the middle, we recognize that everyone in NENA has a sweet center! We would like to thank both Erinn Tucker and Nelson Barber for their service in the role of President and Vice President over this last year.  For the remainder portion of this last academic year a huge shout-out goes to David Schweiger for stepping to help with Federation business until I was officially voted in as Current Vice President.

We are excited to have some new faces among our current officers on the board. This year’s leaders include:

Suzanne Bagnera, Boston University

Vice President
Jennifer Forney, University of Pittsburg

Tassie Pippert, James Madison University

Joe Scarcelli, York College of Pennsylvania

Director of Research
Gilpatrick Hornsby, James Madison University

Director of Networking
Theresa Lind, James Madison University

Director of Education / open

Director of Industry Relations
Nick Bayer, Saxbys Coffee

Director of Marketing
Rick Lagiewski

Director of Member Services
Jennifer Wakemen, Penn State, Berks College

Area Consultant Coordinator For Membership
Paul Bagdan, Johnson & Wales University
    AC – Canada        Statia Elliot
    AC – New England    Tracy Michaud Stutzman
    AC – Southern        Berkita Bradford
    AC – Mid Atlantic    Damien Duchamp

There is an opening for Director of Education, if you are interested, please reach out to me with your CV and letter of interest by 9/15. Thank you to Shiang Lih McCain for your service over the last two years.

This year the RFP Task Force examined the process of scheduling the conference. A survey was distributed to our members to improve our understanding of the needs of our federation members. All results are being included in our decision making process moving forward.  Presently we are working with two institutions for hosting opportunities for the Spring of 2019. Moving forward we will be seeking a completed RFP for several years out. The updated form will be available in mid to late September.  If your school is interested in hosting, please connect with our Director of Networking, Theresa Lind or myself.

As we allow our pineapple to ripen for this next year, I am working with the various ICHRIE board members to assist in implementing changes based on the Comprehensive Organization Review that was done by Dennis Reynolds and team. If you have suggestions for our involvement as a federation in the annual conference and the education aspect of what we offer, please connect with me.

Looking forward to seeing you all in New York during the Hotel Experience weekend. Again we will host our NENA in New York Experience on Sunday, November 11th and NYU will host our federation meeting on Monday, November 12th.

As you prepare for your fall semester to be successful, remember to Be a Pineapple; Stand Tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside! #pineapplepassion

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Request for Spring 2019 Conference RFP will be posted soon.



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