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Jennifer Forney
University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

The Passing of the Pineapple

Hello Members!

It was great to see everyone who made it to NOLA, but if you were not there here is an update. We had a great time at the conference in New Orleans. Several of our members represented NENA and their universities with stand up presentations, posters, and even participated in the Manuscript Marathon. We held our Federation meeting on Friday with 55 members in attendance.   “Save the Date” fliers were distributed for our regional spring conference, 2020 at West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, hosted by AJ Aluri....more details to come. Thank you to AJ, our host, and Lauren McCulligan, Director of Conferences & Events, and the rest of the conference committee for stepping up to get things started. We continued our tradition of the “passing of the pineapple” from our past president, Suzanne Bagnera,to our new president, myself!

I am pleased to join you as the new NENA Federation president. I serve as the program director at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and have been a part of ICHRIE since 2013. I was not even aware that this association existed until Clayton Barrows introduced to me a room a full of hospitality educators from universities from all over!  My first interaction was at the Alligator Hour at the Waldorf Astoria. I will never forget that evening because I had the honor of meeting colleagues, I now consider friends, people who were willing to share their expertise, knowledge, best practices, and advice. I will forever be indebted to them. Now, I stand here, six years later, as your Federation President. Thank you to each of you who helped reach this point. Leading this federation requires a team, please let me introduce to you:

Immediate Past President: Suzanne Bagnera, Boston University
Vice President: Theresa Lind, James Madison University
Secretary: Noel Ciscione, Stockton University
Treasurer: Joe Scarpelli, York College
Director of Conferences and Events: Lauren McCulligan, Temple University
Director of Education: Lynsey Madison, Community College of Pennsylvania
Director of Research: Gilpatrick Hornsby, James Madison University
Director of Membership and Development: Damien Duchamp, St. Joseph’s College

Area Consultants
    Canada: Statia Elliot
    New England: Tracy Michaud Stutzman     
    Central:  Kirsten Tripodi
    South: Berkita Bradford

This year our goal is to listen to our members and ensure that we are adding value to their membership and creating opportunities for members to be engaged. That extends beyond the regional and national conferences.  Damien Duchamp, Director of Membership and Development states, “one of the hardest parts of being in the membership business is that you have to make sure the value is consistent with cost. The membership team of NENA is committed to increasing the communication between members in our federation, creating new benefits for members.”

Another goal for the federation leadership this year is to not only create value with our membership but to increase membership as well. Damien and his team of area consultants will be hard at work exploring different target markets specifically more secondary educators. Our membership team and federation leadership welcomes any ideas and suggestions as we build membership, member engagement, and value.

Please check your email in the coming weeks for a membership survey. We cannot address the needs, desires, and/or issues of the members if we are not aware, so I urge you to participate.

Effective leadership requires a team of people who are willing to go above and beyond every day for the people they serve, of course in hospitality that requires a little pineapple passion. At NENA, we have an amazing team who is ready to serve the members. If you have any suggestions, or want to get involved, contact me, Jennifer Forney, at I look forward to serving you this year! Remember to follow us on social media to stay updated. As always, #pineapplepassion!

In Hospitality,
Jennifer Forney


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