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Ruth Smith

Bethune-Cookman University

The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow

It has been a challenging era in our respective cites, states, country and across the world, and we know that there will be even more difficult weeks and months to come as we grapple with the Coronavirus pandemic. While we adjust to new unfavorable realities and norms, it becomes increasingly difficult to be optimistic. But we will NOT lose hope!

Amidst the grim news headlines daily, we find glimmers of hope — many sick individuals are healed; teaching, learning, research, and service continue as we utilize several remote communication platforms; and friends and families are coming together to support each other.
As COVID-19 re-arranges our lives without warning, we must adapt without wavering. Let us pledge daily to stay focused and engaged. We must commit to taking care of ourselves and families and support our students and colleagues. Live in the NOW, bask in positive thoughts, find YOUR rainbow, and remain hopeful for the brighter days in the new dawn.

Have faith, be well, be safe, be blessed, and be encouraged.

5th Annual ICHRIE-SECSA Conference
Lisa Cain, Ph.D., Director of Marketing

The SECSA Federation of ICHRIE kicked off its 5th annual conference on Thursday, February 27th with a welcome cocktail reception sponsored by Hosco and presented by John Lohr, Director of Development. With blue champagne, hot hors d’oeuvres, and a greeting from Aubie himself, it was a bubbly way to kick off our annual gathering at The Hotel at Auburn University & Dixon Conference Center. With over 90 conference attendees and two separate tracks for presentations, this was the largest ICHRIE-SECSA conference to date.

On Friday morning, conference attendees were graced by the presence of the hospitality legend and leader, Mr. Horst Schulze. Mr. Schulze’s teachings and vision have reshaped the concepts of service and hospitality across industries. He served as President and COO of the Ritz-Carlton and was responsible for the $2 billion operations worldwide. His talk on the way he shaped the service industry, the importance of leadership, future of hospitality was engaging and informative.

After lunch, attendees were treated to a demonstration of Teacher Tricks by Dr. James S. May, the Faculty Fellow for Innovation and Technology at Valencia College in Orlando. His physically engaging discussion on thin-slicing, cognitive load, deep processing, EIVL teaching, retrieval practice, and growth mindset, among other topics, were riveting and eye-opening.

On Saturday, we had the privilege of listening to our final guest speaker, Mrs. Peggy Berg, Founder and President of the Castell Project. Her speech on women in leadership in the hospitality industry was captivating. It was encouraging to see how far women have come in the hospitality industry, and we were provided further evidence of how much work there is left to accomplish to truly break the glass ceiling.

Finally, we would be remiss for not offering a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Kevin Elliot, Sr. Management consultant of Chick-fil-A and Trinchero Family Estates Wine & Spirits for sponsoring the awards dinner. The food and wine were delicious and abundant. Of course, this event would not have been possible without our Auburn University team; Drs. Martin O’Neill, Imran Rahman, Alecia Douglas and the rest of the Auburn team for a seamless conference. Thank you! We are forever grateful to them for showing us the meaning of southern hospitality. As they say at Auburn, War Eagle!

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Let us continue to place students’ success in the forefront of our academic agenda. Have an awesome NEW season in higher education!

SECSA Heat Newsletter: Volume 1, No. 3 Spring is Available to the left.

Ruth Annette Smith, Ed. D



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