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Jean Hertzman
New Mexico State University

Welcome to the Incoming West Federation CHRIE Officers and Board of Directors

I hope everyone’s summer is starting off well. Most of you are probably even busier than most summers with teaching classes, revamping classes into online and hybrid courses for fall, doing research, and taking advantage of all the webinars and free educational resources that have been made available in response to Covid-19.

Although we will not be able to meet in person for the ICHRIE conference this summer, I am pleased with efforts of ICHRIE to keep people connected and kickstart the changes we have know the organization needs to make to provide value to our members. I was happy to lead the webinar on food and beverage lab classes in late March. It has been exciting to be a part of the Deans and Directors group led by Joy Dickerson. We have produced support videos addressed to hospitality and tourism students, the industry, and consumers and are working on many educational resources for ICHRIE members. I congratulate Ruth O’Rourke and the ESD Board of Governors for their efforts to help chapters hold virtual inductions and the truly inspirational speaker series based on the 5 ESD points of light held in May. Around the time this will be published, ICHRIE will be hosting the first Zoom Around the World. I am looking forward to seeing friends from West Federation at this social event to introduce our ICHRIE 75th anniversary year.

This is my last Communique article as West Federation President. Priyanko Guchait from University of Houston will be assuming the role this month. It was wonderful that even in these uncertain times, we had so many members willing to step up and run for our open officer and board positions. I am pleased to announce the West Federation CHRIE Board for the next year.

President Priyanko Guchait, University of Houston

Past President Jean Hertzman, New Mexico State University

Vice President SaeHya Ann, California State University East Bay

Treasurer Shane Blum, Texas Tech University

Secretary Michelle Millar, University of San Francisco

Director of Member Services Michael Wray, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Director of Networking Xi (CeCe) Leung, University of North Texas

Director of Research Sandra Ponting, San Diego State University

Director of Industry Services Angelo Camillo, Sonoma State University

Director of Education Britt Mathwich, Colorado Mesa University

I am looking forward to working with this great group to ensure we continue to provide amazing education, research, and networking opportunities for our members.

Sincerely, Jean Hertzman, Ph.D., CCE, CSW West Federation CHRIE President


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