All New Format: Timely And High Impact Translational Research

All submissions received by 22nd March 2019 will be eligible for consideration of awards sponsored and presented by the School of Hospitality Management at Penn State University, during the 2019 Annual ICHRIE Summer Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA at the Awards Ceremony!

Top 5 reports: $200 each, and recognition

Please use the following link to submit your Research Report:

Purpose: All submissions for the ICHRIE Research Reports category must be with the following purpose of translating research to inform non-scientific audience:

  1. Research Reports (RR) are meant to be timely contributions to either policy or management practice discussions.
  2. RRs should be based on systematic research findings, but presented for a non-scientific audience.
  3. More importantly, the RRs should be presented in simple, and understandable language.


  • Abstract –50 words, brief overview with the most critical take away.
  • Length of the reports should be in the range of 600-800 words.
  • Font – Times New Roman, 12pt font.
  • Line spacing of 1.25
  • All headings should follow APA format.

Submission deadline: 22nd March 2019

Publication and awards:
All submissions accepted for publication will be considered for awards sponsored by the School of Hospitality Management, Penn State University.

All Research Reports will be posted on the ICHRIE website, and promoted through emails to the industry. The top 5 RRs will be awarded prizes of $200 each.

For more information about the ICHRIE Research Reports, click here.

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