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Monthly Highlights

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New Year, New Beginnings

Joy Dickerson, President, ICHRIE

Happy 2021 to all!  I hope this year brings all of you peace, joy, hope, and good health!... Read more

Concluding an Unforgettable Year

Nicholas Thomas, Director of Education, ICHRIE

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to review this month’s special issue of the Communique... Read more

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Reg Foucar-Szocki, Interim Executive Vice President, Operations, ICHRIE

Most of us would agree that these past 12 months were incredibly challenging for each of us. I hope this warm greeting serves as a small way... Read more

Hotel Maverick: Colorado Mesa University Campus Teaching Hotel

Britt Mathich, Associate Professor, Colorado Mesa University

Applied or experiential learning is an excellent complement to academic classroom learning.  Most hospitality programs offer... Read more

The Delicate Balancing Act

Mats Carlbäck, Director of Education, EuroCHRIE; Assistant Professor, Örebro University

“Never waste a good opportunity for development” is often a valid motto. The current crisis, with all its dreadful consequences... Read more

Hospitality Principles & Our Virtual Classrooms

Andrea White-McNeil, Assistant Professor, Bethune-Cookman University

I came across an old article that professed to use hospitality principles to transform classrooms.... Read more

Student Engagement in the Classroom, with the Community, and through Industry

Amy M. Bardwell, Assistant Professor, Illinois State University

As an educator, I find that engaging students in a way that creates future opportunities and marketable skills is the most important thing... Read more

Never Waste a Good Crisis: A Lesson from the Swiss Hospitality Schools on Online Education and Recruitment

John Lohr, Director of Development, Hosco

Over the last 3 months I’ve connected with hundreds of our academic partners and in particular the Swiss hospitality schools to find out first-hand... Read more
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