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Monthly Highlights

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Board Updates & Activities

Mokie Steiskal, President, ICHRIE

The election results for new Board Members are in! I want to congratulate the new ICHRIE Board Members...  Read more...

Coming Together for Hospitality Competencies

Amit Sharma, Vice President, ICHRIE

Competencies have been defined and used for selecting employees for now over 30 years.   Read more...

To Share or Not to Share?

Kathy McCarty, CEO, ICHRIE

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot more conversation about everyone’s budget being tight and people looking for ways to economize.   Read more...

The Importance of Food in International Tourism

David Schweiger, President, NENA Federation

Last month the Fifth Annual NENA Regional Conference, “Pursue Your Educational Happiness,” was held in Philadelphia with close to 60 individuals in attendance.  Read more...

Employing the Communities of Practice Model in Hospitality Programs: The HTM Edge at SDSU

Michael Wray, President, West Federation

Ever read a really great book that transforms your way of thinking about your profession?  To me, it was Jean Lave and Etiene Wenger’s (1991) book entitled... Read more...

Another Successful Conference & Wonderful Year

Donald Schoffstall, President, SECSA

The second annual SECSA Conference was successfully held on March 9-10, 2017, on the campus of Florida International University.  Read more...


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