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Monthly Highlights

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The Spirit of ICHRIE

Chris Roberts, President, ICHRIE

Similar to the “Disney Magic” or the “Hyatt Touch” concepts, the “Spirit of ICHRIE” is an intangible, hard-to-define, yet powerful feeling... Read more.

You are the Future

Bob Bosselman, Chair, CHRIE FutureFund Committee, ICHRIE

As I write this final column as Chair of the CHRIE FutureFund™, fall semester 2018 is drawing to a close.  Snow covers the ground... Read more.

Where I Come From

Kathy McCarty, CEO, ICHRIE

The Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts is where I grew up many decades ago.  It was and still is a place that produces fond memories of an era long gone... Read more.

Why Am I Excited about Education?

Alleah Crawford, Director of Conferences, ICHRIE

Greeting ICHRIE members! The conference committee has been hard at work planning the 2019 Annual ICHRIE summer conference and marketplace... Read more.

When the Advisor Needs Advice

Li Miao, President, Central Federation, ICHRIE

On behalf of the ICHRIE Central Federation board and membership, Happy New Year! I am delighted to share with you the following events that will take place in the region of Central Federation.... Read more.

Right Answers to Wrong Questions?

Suzanne Bagnera, President, NENA Federation, ICHRIE

Hopefully the time with family and friends over the winter break has recharged you for the roller-coaster of the spring semester that comes ahead for all of us... Read more.


Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch, President, SECSA Federation, ICHRIE

I hope everyone is enjoying this new year!  Continuing the trend of member highlights, this month I would like to introduce Dr. Craig Marshall... Read more.

A Fire and True Hospitality

Matthew Stone, President, West Federation, ICHRIE

I woke up on November 8.  Half of the sky was blue.  Half was darker than a summer Midwest thunderstorm. Within an hour I learned that Paradise California, the town 9 miles away...  Read more.


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