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Monthly Highlights

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March Minute

Jeff Beck, President, ICHRIE

In this month’s column, I would like to call everyone’s attention to......Read more.

Conference Highlights

Alleah Crawford, Director of Conferences, ICHRIE

Hello ICHRIE members! I am delighted to share with you many of the exciting opportunities.....Read more

Volunteer ICHRIE Leadership?

Kathy McCarty, CEO, ICHRIE

The results from the recent ICHRIE election are in.....Read more.

Internationalizing CHRIE

Chris Roberts, Immediate Past President, ICHRIE

Over 20 years ago, we changed our organization’s name by adding.....Read more

"Almost Heaven" at WVU

Jennifer Forney, President of NENA Federation of ICHRIE 

This year our Federation held our elections early as we work to align.....Read more.

Spring is in the Air

Ruth Annette Smith, President of SECSA

Greetings from the SECSA family of researchers, educators, and learners!.....Read more.

Congratulations and Thank You

Jean Hertzman, West Federation CHRIE

I am writing this just after the conclusion of our West Federation CHRIE Conference.....Read more.


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