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Monthly Highlights

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It Takes Courage to Start a Conversation

Mokie Steiskal, President, ICHRIE

As I review the proposed strategic planning process that I hope will be approved at the January ICHRIE Board meeting, I notice that there are many opportunities for all of us... Read more...

Announcing: New ICHRIE Website in the New Year

AJ Aluri, Director of Networking, ICHRIE

At the start of each new year, most of us plan to do new and innovative things. For members of ICHRIE who haven’t accessed the website lately... Read more...

What Will You Bring to the Party?

Kathy McCarty, CEO, ICHRIE

On January 27-28, 2017, the Board of International CHRIE met at the site of the July 26-28, 2017 conference—the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.  Read more...

CHRIE FutureFund™ Supports the Graduate Research Conference

Bob Bosselman, Chair, CHRIE FutureFund Committee

In early January, three members of the ICHRIE CHRIE FutureFund™ Committee, along with ICHRIE CEO Kathy McCarty, attended the 22nd Annual Graduate Education... Read more...

Join Us in Miami!

Donald Schoffstall, President, SECSA Federation

There is still time to join your colleagues and fellow members at the SECSA Conference in Miami.  Read more... 

EuroCHRIE Federation News & Updates

John Fong, President, EuroCHRIE Federation

The 34th annual EuroCHRIE conference was held in the fascinating and beautiful city of Budapest from 26 - 28 October 2016 and we welcomed almost 300 delegates... Read more...

What Makes a Hospitality School Great?

Michael Wray, President, West Federation

At the February 10-11, 2017 West Federation annual conference we are pleased to welcome Keynote speaker Jeff Cava,  alumnus of our host institution, San Diego State University...  Read more...

NENA Federation News

David Schweiger, President, NENA Federation

NENA CHRIE will be holding its fifth annual Regional Conference at Temple University from Friday, March 31 to Sunday, April 2, 2017.  Read more...


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