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Monthly Highlights

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Jeff Beck, President, ICHRIE

Happy 2020 to all our members of ICHRIE as we start the third decade of the new millennium. Here’s hoping that you all experienced a restful and wonderful holiday.... Read more.

Setting the Table for Soulful Hospitality

Joy Dickerson, Vice President, ICHRIE

As I write this, I am fast forwarding to my New Year’s resolutions.  Do you make them?  Every year, I come up with one or two. Usually, my resolutions would make me “better”... Read more

Perceived Value

Kathy McCarty, CEO, ICHRIE

With the arrival of 2020, we’re taking a new look at ICHRIE operations to make sure things are operating with optimum efficiency... Read more.

The Hospitality Industry as Our Customer

Chris Roberts, Immediate Past President, ICHRIE

We recently finished voting for the open 2020 ICHRIE board of director positions during November-December 2019... Read more

It's a New Season!

Ruth Smith, President, SECSA Federation

As we reminisce about the year behind us, we must acknowledge and thank each other for achieving success in 2019. We happily welcome the year 2020 with much positivity, hope, and renewed success... Read more.

Tis the Season for Hospitality!

Jennifer Forney, President, NENA Federation

Happy Holidays! I hope you survived the end of the semester and finals week! The NENA Federation Leadership team would like to send out the following reminders to make sure... Read more.



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