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Monthly Highlights

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Jeff Beck, President, ICHRIE

Thank you for your patience and support as ICHRIE works through the issues related to Coronavirus pandemic. I truly appreciate this... Read more.

Hitting the Pause Button

Joy Dickerson, Vice President, ICHRIE

As I write this, we are amidst what is predicted to be the pinnacle weekend for the US of this COVID-19 pandemic... Read more.

Our New Normal

Kathy McCarty, CEO, ICHRIE

This month finds the world still experiencing the coronavirus pandemic and talking about when and how things will return to normal... Read more

Improvise, Overcome, & Adapt

Jean Hertzman, President, West Federation

I am not a big war movie fan, but one of my favorite quotes has always been from the Clint Eastwood movie “Heartbreak Ridge”... Read more

The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow

Ruth Smith, President, SECSA Federation

It has been a challenging era in our respective cites, states, country and across the world, and we know that there will be... Read more



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