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Staff - Who Does What

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Advertising Sales (Publications) Amie Grayson
Affinity Programs Kathy McCarty
Allied Organization Liaison Kathy McCarty
Awards Kathy McCarty
Board Liaison Kathy McCarty
Budget Kathy McCarty
Bylaws Kathy McCarty
Career Academy Coordinator Amie Grayson
Case Study Competition Amie Grayson
Chapter/Federation Monthly Membership Reports TBD
Communique Copy Coordination Amie Grayson
Communique Graphic Layout Amie Grayson
Conference Marketing TBD
Conference Notification Letters Amie Grayson
Conference Paper Review Process Amie Grayson
Conference Planning Amie Grayson
Conference Schedule Amie Grayson
Conference Scripts Amie Grayson
Conference Sponsorships Kathy McCarty
Employee Recruitment/Training Kevin Anderson
Employee Management Kathy McCarty
e-Store TBD
Eta Sigma Delta Honor Society TBD
Facilities Management Kevin Anderson
Faculty Internships TBD
Finance Kathy McCarty
Financial Development Kathy McCarty
Financial Monthly Reports Outside CPA Firm
Frequent Recruiter Campaign TBD
Fundraising Kathy McCarty
CHRIE FutureFund Kathy McCarty
Grants Kathy McCarty
Guide to College Programs Amie Grayson
ICHRIE Research Reports  Amie Grayson
Industry Partnerships Kathy McCarty
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Case Studies Amie Grayson
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education Liasion Amie Grayson
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research Liasion Amie Grayson
Leadership Rosters TBD
Membership Database TBD
Membership Marketing TBD
Membership Posters TBD
Mentoring Programs Kathy McCarty
Minutes Collection/ Coordination TBD
Personnel Kathy McCarty
Public Relations Kathy McCarty
Restaurant Challenge Amie Grayson
Special Interest Groups Amie Grayson
Staff Oversight Kathy McCarty
Staff Travel Coordination Kevin Anderson
Vendor Coordinator Kevin Anderson
Volunteer Leadership Kathy McCarty
Website Content Amie Grayson
Website Design Outside Vendor
Website Upgrade Amie Grayson


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