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Honorary ESD Memberships

Honorary membership will be extended to individuals in the field who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management including all Chapter Advisors and members of the Board of Governors. Nominations may be made by the individual chapter or by the Chapter Advisor. All requests for honorary memberships must be in writing and sent to the ICHRIE headquarters office. Honorary membership will be granted by a majority vote of the Society's Board of Governors.

The procedure for requesting honorary membership into Eta Sigma Delta is as follows:

The applicant or Faculty Advisor completes the student application. No applicant signature is needed on an application for an honorary member.The exception box for honorary membership is checked.The Faculty Advisor must sign the application AND provide written documentation to support the request for honorary membership. The documentation provided should be sufficient in scope and information to enable the ESD Board of Governors to make a decision. Providing insufficient information will delay the approval process.

The application is submitted to the ICHRIE office to hold for approval by the ESD Board of Governors. Please note that staff cannot process applications for honorary membership until the ESD Board of Governors has approved the request.

The ESD Board of Governors normally meets at the Chicago NRA show in May, the ICHRIE annual summer conference and the New York IH/M&RS show in November. The ESD Board reviews requests for honorary ESD membership at those times. If you know of someone you would like considered for honorary membership, you will need to allow sufficient time for the ESD Board of Governors to consider and act upon the request.

Separate review of the honorary membership application is possible, however, the Faculty Advisor submitting the request (to the ICHRIE office) must allow three (3) weeks’ time to process the request. No decision will be made on an application for honorary ESD membership without sufficient written documentation.

The request for honorary membership MUST be made by the Faculty Advisor, in writing, and include all necessary written documentation to support/justify the reasons.

Please note: The above-described process requires a minimum of three weeks’ processing time. This minimum required processing time for any ESD Chapter submitting a request for honorary membership(s) along with (or at the same time as) "regular" applications for student membership assumes all necessary written documentation is provided at the time of submission.

The ESD headquarters office is located at:
International CHRIE
2810 N. Parham Road, Suite 230 | Richmond, VA USA 23294
Telephone: 01 (804) 346-4800 | FAX: 01 (804) 346-5009
Email: | Website:

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