> ESD Processing Guidelines/Checklist

ESD Processing Guidelines/Checklist

Please review and follow the guidelines below to ensure smooth processing of your ceremony.

  1. Email an excel spreadsheet with the names of students as they would be printed on the student certificates to Student handwriting often times is not very clear and that causes the names to be misspelled. Please note: There is a three week processing after I have received all the materials with payment and induction date. If you wish to receive your ceremony earlier there is a rush fee of $200.
  2. Clearly state the induction date on all ESD student applications submitted, along with the ESD advisor signature.
  3. Make sure you do not collect student fee checks in January/February (for example) and then not send me those checks/ceremony until September/October. These checks are not accepted by the bank. There will be a $20 fee charged for each returned student check. If you do have to collect payment in advance, please collect cash or money order from students and keep it with you till you are ready to send in the applications.
  4. Please make sure that the school's Institutional and ESD advisor memberships are active for the current year, unless the advisor is the institutional contact for the school. This will cause a delay in the ceremony processing if not up-to-date.
  5. The ESD dues are $35 per student. Be sure to use the new ESD application when submitting for ceremonies.
  6. Once the ceremony has been processed and mailed, any additional student applications for the same ESD ceremony will require you to pay the postage for the certificate(s), cord(s) and pin(s).
  7. All ESD applications and payments have to come together from the ESD advisor and not mailed separately by the students. Applications mailed separately by students will not be processed.
  8. Be sure to email whenever there is a change in advisor, so we can keep the website updated with current info.
  9. Lastly, inform the students that ESD is a lifetime membership regardless of switching schools. If they have been inducted into ESD and transfer to a different school, they will always be an ESD member. Additionally, ESD students do not currently have access to members' section on the ICHRIE website.  
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