2019 Nomination Details for ICHRIE Emeritus Designation

The designation of Emeritus Member is open to any member of ICHRIE who has made significant advancements in ICHRIE throughout his or her career.  This honorable designation is obtainable only with nomination from an active member of any ICHRIE Federation and through a majority vote by the Board of Directors of ICHRIE.  

To qualify for the Emeritus Member designation, the following qualifications shall be required:

  • The member is retired from his or her ICHRIE –related position (i.e. Industry, Education, or other)
  • The member is deemed to have contributed significantly in the development and promotion of ICHRIE

The process for obtaining the Emeritus Member designation is as follows:

  1. Any member nominates another member for the designation of Emeritus Member
  2. The nomination will clearly outline the reasons the member should be honored including the significant contributions made to ICHRIE
  3.  The nomination will be submitted to a federation for vote by the Board of Directors of that Federation (can be submitted to the home federation of the nominee or the federation where the nominee contributed significantly)
  4. The nomination will be presented by the ICHRIE Federation to the ICHRIE Board of Directors for final vote on the designation
  5. The Emeritus Member will be notified by ICHRIE
  6. A maximum of three (3) members from each ICHRIE Federation will be recognized per year
  7. Emeritus Members will receive the same benefits and incur the same dues as a Retired Member.
  8. Federations may independently choose to provide additional benefits for Emeritus Members

Proposed Timeline:

  1. November 15 - Nominations due to federation
  2. December 15 – Nominations approved by each federation submitted to Director of Member Services and Development
  3. January  – Nominations reviewed by Member Services and Development Committee and forwarded to ICHRIE Board of Directors
  4. January Board Meeting – Final ICHRIE Board of Directors Vote

Download Nomination Form

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