International CHRIE and DePaul University-School of Hospitality Leadership are pleased to bring you the following Research Reports.

Marcellus Revenue Impact on hotels
Daniel J. Mount, Timothy W. Kelsey and Kathryn J. Brasier, September 2016

University Lodging Demand: An analysis of its stability and guidance for estimating its growth potential at the market level
John O’Neill, September 2016

Multi-Unit Efficiency Assessment and Multidimensional Polygon Analysis in a Small, Full-Service Restaurant Chain
Thomas Maier, Dennis Reynolds and Jennifer Sandstrom, September 2016

Extreme Minimum Wages: Effects on the U.S. Hotel Industry
John O'Neill and Sean P. McGinley, September 2016

Motivation, Place Attachment, and Loyalty in a Country Club
Jim Butler and So Jung Lee, September 2016

Macroeconomic Variables and Hotel Performance: Good and Bad News
A.J. Singh, SeungHyun “James” Kim, Mark Johnson and Robert Mandelbaum, November 2016

Influence of Cultural Distance on Experience of Hospitality Expatriates in Middle East
Khalid Eyoun, Baker Ayoun and Han Chen, November 2016

Musings on Dividend Policy
Murat Kizildag, November 2016

Resort Fees and Service Fees in the U.S. Hotel Industry: Context and Concepts Related to Partitioned Pricing
John O'Neill and Donna Quadri-Felitti, June 2017

Decreasing Food Waste through Increased Awareness at a University’s Dining Facilities
Scott Taylor, Jr. and Thomas Pratt, November 2017

Pricing decisions during the FIFA 2014 World Cup: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Albert A. Barreda, Sandra Zubieta Zamudio, Han Chen, Marina Cassilha and Yoshimasa Kageyama, November 2017

Do Hotels and Mixed-Use Projects Benefit Each Other? Evidence from China
Yun Zhang, Chun-Hung (Hugo) Tang and Yunzi Zhang, November 2017

Alternative Options to Resolve Desputes in Franchised Restaurants
Siti Nurhayatun Khairatun, December 2018

Preferences of LGBT Tourists Traveling to Smaller Cities
Eric D. Olson, Ching-Hui Su, and Chin-Hsun Tsai, December 2018

Environmentally and Financially Sustainable Tourism
Haywantee Ramkissoon and Vishnee Sowamber, December 2018

Where Do Tourists Stay Overnight in Macau?
Sunny Sun, Rob Law and Davis KaChio Fong, December 2018

More Tourists Green Up: Bringing the Charm to Vietnam
Luu Trong Tuan, December 2018

Like Mother, Like Daughter? A Destination Image Comparison between Florida and Orlando
Asli D.A. Tasci and Wei Wei, December 2018

How Clean is the Food We Eat from Street Vendors in Orlando, Florida?
Bendegul Okumus and Sevil Sonmez, March 2019

Does Ranking Explain Actual Performance? A case of WEF Tourism Competitiveness Report
Mohd Hafiz Hanafiah, Mohamad Abdullah Hemdi and Ismail Ahmad, March 2019

Matching Reviewers to Customers: The Role of Demographics and Preferences in Hotel Online Booking
Cheng Chu Chan, Long W. Lam, Cheris W.C. Chow, Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong and Rob Law,  May 2019

A Research on Chinese Visitors' Souvenir Purchase in Shanghai Disney
Wei Wei, May 2019

Don't Make Your Guests Wait On Line/strong>
John Gerdes and Betsy Stringham, May 2019

Mountain & Marijuana: Motivations of Visitors to Colorado
Lorraine Taylor, May 2019

Tourists, Not Industry Experts, Create Memorable Tourists' Experiences!
Helena Williams and Jingxue (Jessica) Yuan, May 2019

So Just How Satisfied are Millenials with their Hotel Experiences?
Seunghyun "James" Kim, May 2019

How to Apply a Strategic Approach to Deliver Legacies from Hosting Mega Sport Events
Tracey J. Dickson, May 2019

The Role of Fairness, Job Satisfaction & Co-Worker Cohesiveness in Influence the Desire for Unionization among Polish Cooks
Piotr Zientara, Anna Zamojska and Monika Bak, May 2019

Do Part-Time Employees Matter in the Restaurant Industry?
Jangwoo Jo and Hyun-Woo Joung, May 2019

Comparing Generation Y Hotel Employees in the United States in China
Bonnie Knutson and Miran Kim, May 2019

The Examination Of Entertainment Product Performance In Maca
Jian Ming Luo and Chi Fung Lam, June 2019

Not All Job Stressors are Harmful
Hyounae (Kelly) Min and Hyun Jeong Kim, March 2020

When Angry Customers Hesistate to Complain
Hyounae (Kelly) Min and Hyun Jeong Kim, March 2020

The Case for a Tri-Continuum of Entrepreneurial Behavior
Gilpatrick Hornsby, April 2020

Engaging Hotel Managers Through Managerial Support
Susan Gordon and Xiaolin Shi, May 2021

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