Fran Brasseux, Executive Director, ICHRIE



Happy Fall and a wish for a great start to a new academic year for everyone!
I celebrated my first anniversary as ICHRIE Executive Director in June, and I wanted to open our ICHRIE member e-newsletter this week by saying thank you!  This thank you goes a bit wide, so patience please, as I sincerely thank our ICHRIE and Federation leadership, the Eta Sigma Delta Governing Board, and ESD Advisors, our many committees and working groups, our dedicated Journal editors, and our amazing members for their passion for hospitality, their support for ICHRIE, and for everyone’s advice and knowledge. I have been working in hospitality for over 40 years and my welcome to ICHRIE has not only been warm and personal, but also, greatly appreciated. 
If you were able to join us in August for our first face to face ICHRIE Summer Conference in two and a half years, you mostly likely met our newest ICHRIE staff members – Darla Hancock and Jasmine Demory. They now join Amie Grayson in our ICHRIE office located in Richmond, Virginia. We also have a long-standing partnership with accounting support from a certified CPA, Lyall Shank, President, Mission Critical Support. You may have seen some of the recent social media posts and pictures of our office that Darla has been sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. We share a small suburban commercial building with other academic groups from Virginia Tech, University of Virginia and University of Richmond. As you probably know, ICHRIE is classified as a 501C3 non-profit association. The staff all work closely together with a goal to achieve our element, but be responsible for our mission.
Some responsibilities changed as we added new team members this year, so here is a look into what each of our elements are:
Fran Brasseux, Executive Director,  Leadership, Finance, Business Management, Partnerships, Sponsorships
Amie Grayson, Director, Membership, Database Management, Office Management, Partnership, Sponsorships, Publications
Darla Hancock, Communication and Networking Specialist, Marketing, Social Media, eNewsletter, Website, Awards, Special Interest Group Support
Jasmine Demory, Organization and Student Development Specialist, Eta Sigma Delta Program Management, Accounting, Federation, Publication & Office Support
We all want ICHRIE to be better recognized globally for what we do together  - educate the hospitality & tourism leaders of tomorrow.
I also have several personal goals continuing this year:

  • to continue to help connect industry and academia
  • to have our office be even more efficient, timely and member focused
  • to enhance our staff personal development and our technology solutions
  • to ensure ICHRIE financial stability and revenue growth

Again, a sincere thank you for my first year,
Fran Brasseux
Executive Director


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