CHRIE FutureFund™

The CHRIE FutureFund™ was originally created in the mid-1990’s by a group of ICHRIE members who saw the need to develop a fund that would provide support to ICHRIE members. Their goal was to build an endowment that could be used for a variety of purposes, but always with support of membership as its basis. The original goal was to raise $500,000 and use the interest to support member-related activities. To date the CHRIE FutureFund™ has raised over $200,000 and has supported a number of member activities.

The following activities have been supported by the CHRIE FutureFund™:

  • Knowledge Matters Competition
  • Case Study Competition
  • Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Case Competition
  • Graduate Education & Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality & Tourism Best Paper Winners
  • Developing Nations Hospitality & Tourism Faculty & Graduate Students
  • Dissertation Proposal Competition

The latter three activities have resulted in the support of individuals who otherwise might not be able to participate in research conferences. For many years CHRIE FutureFund™ has provided the Graduate Conference Best Paper Winners with complimentary registration at the Annual ICHRIE Summer Conference. That support was recently enhanced by also providing complimentary ICHRIE membership as well as lodging at the Annual Conference. To date, ICHRIE has provided 24 hospitality & tourism faculty/graduate students from developing nations full ICHRIE membership and Annual Conference registration. The Dissertation Proposal Competition is new for the 2023 Annual ICHRIE Summer Conference, and the CHRIE FutureFund™ is supporting the 5 winners with complimentary conference registration and lodging.  

CHRIE FutureFund™ generates its funds through fun-based activities during the Annual Conference as well as from donations year-round. Annual Conference activities include the Duck Race and the 50-50 Raffle. Anyone attending the Annual Conference can participate in these two activities. Recent winners of these activities have been awarded over $1,000 cash. Any and all ICHRIE members can participate in CHRIE FutureFund™ activities by purchasing a duck for the Duck Race, or a raffle ticket for the 50-50 Raffle. Additionally, ICHRIE members can donate to CHRIE FutureFund™ via the ICHRIE website at any time throughout the year. Non-ICHRIE members can also participate in these activities and donate through the website. 

From humble beginnings in the 1990’s, the CHRIE FutureFund™ has grown each year. Numerous individuals have been positively impacted by CHRIE FutureFund™ support. The CHRIE FutureFund™ Committee welcomes individuals who want to be part of its activities. Every donation, whether a raffle ticket or a duck or a monetary gift, contributes to the mission established years ago; to support ICHRIE and its members through professional development that helps build the hospitality and tourism industry.  

ICHRIE FutureFund™ Donation Link


To donate, click here and fill out the form with your preferred credit or debit card.

You may also send your donation to:
International CHRIE
2810 North Parham Road, Suite 230 | Richmond, Virginia USA 23294
Telephone: 01 (804) 346-4800
Email: [email protected]



Join us for these events and competitions sponsored by the CHRIE FutureFund™.

2023 Graduate Education & Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality & Tourism
2023 CHRIE FutureFund™ Dissertation Proposal Competition



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