Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

What are ICHRIE Special Interest Groups (SIGs)?

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide ICHRIE members with an opportunity to network and share information, research, and resources related to a particular facet of hospitality and tourism education. Special Interest Groups are open to all ICHRIE members.

Who can participate in ICHRIE SIGs?

ICHRIE members in good standing are encouraged to participate in a SIG of their choice. Full and Associate Members of International CHRIE are eligible to join any SIG for free.

Would you like to learn more about one or more SIGs?

Click on the SIG that interests you for more information about upcoming meetings, webinars, industry insights, research and more. And feel free to contact the Chair(s) of the Special Interest Group by emailing them using the contact information listed below. 


Meet our SIGs...


Donna Albano
Stockton University
[email protected]


Beverage Education
Sir Adam Carmer
University of South Florida-Sarasota
[email protected]

Club Management
Cynthia Johnson
Florida State University
[email protected]

 Community Colleges & Secondary Schools
David Schweiger

Northampton Community College
[email protected]

 Cruise Management
Fred DeMicco

Northern Arizona University
[email protected]

 Culinary Arts
Deborah Midkiff
Indian River State College
[email protected]

 Diversity Equity & Inclusion in Hospitality and Tourism
Brian Barker
Florida International University
[email protected]

 Experiential Education
Jack Samuels

Montclair State University
[email protected]

 Historically & Predominantly Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU)
Berkita Bradford

North Carolina Central University
[email protected]

 Hospitality Financial Management
Yoon Koh
University of Houston
[email protected]

 Hospitality Industry Professionals (HIP)
Steve Hood
[email protected]

 Hospitality Industry Project Management (HIPM)
Timothy Flohr
University of Memphis
[email protected]

 Hospitality Information Technology
Thomas Schrier

Iowa State University
[email protected]

 Hospitality Programs in Business Colleges (HpBC)
AJ Aluri

West Virginia University
[email protected] 

 Hospitality Sales & Marketing
Bob Gilbert

[email protected]

 Human Resources
Mary Jo Dolasinski

DePaul University
[email protected]

Chris Woodruff

Lake Michigan College
[email protected]

 Meetings, Events, Exhibitions and Convention Management (MEECM)
Thomas Padron
California State University, East Bay
 [email protected]

 WebbRevenue Management
Timothy Webb
University of Delaware 
[email protected]

 Service Management
Dr. Po-Ju Chen
Texas A&M University
[email protected]


 Sustainability & Innovation
Willy Legrand
IU International University of Applied Sciences
[email protected]

 Travel & Tourism
Jennifer Forney
SUNY Jamestown Community College
[email protected]


 What's Happening?

Current and upcoming SIGs events, webinars, research and more!


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