So Many Exciting Things Happening with ICHRIE

Chrystel Masdupuy, President, International CHRIE


Dear ICHRIE friends,

Our conference in Phoenix has been very enriching and it was a great way to see each other again and share news, insight and ideas. We have created a setting where research, industry, lecturers and students have been able to interact and gain knowledge.

Recently, ICHRIE has signed several important agreements with fantastic partners that allow us to provide real added value to our members. Some of you have already been able to experience these during the conference. This coming year, we will work hard to continue what has been started while also developing new leads.

My goal is to strengthen our partnerships and develop new offers that are in line with our values and what we believe in. I want research to be stronger than ever, journals to expand, and education to find a new collaborative platform during all conferences, but also throughout the year.

We certainly hope that you will be able to attend all of the amazing conferences organized by our Federations:

EuroCHRIE, in October 2023: Vienna, Austria
Central CHRIE, in October 2023: Purdue University
West Federation, in February 2024: Denver, Metropolitan State University
SECSA, in March 2024: Columbia, University of South Carolina
NENA, in April 2024: University of Southern Maine
APacCHRIE, in May 2024: Seoul, South Korea
In Montreal, July 2024 for the Global Summer conference.

I would like to thank the ICHRIE office for the incredible work they do behind the scenes every day: Fran, Amie, Darla and Juli, thank you very much!

Thanks a lot, to all outgoing board members for your time, dedication and spirit of hospitality.

Finally, I also want to introduce the new ICHRIE Board of Directors; I am really excited to be working with such a great team:

Kimberley Williams, Vice President
Lisa Slevitch, Treasurer
Jean Hertzman, Secretary
Ralf Burbach, Immediate Past President
Jenna Lee, Director of Research
Donna Quadri-Felitti, Director of Marketing
Annette Graham, Director of Education
Priyanko Guchait, Director of Membership
Catherine Johnson, Director of Conference
Ken Tsai, Director of Networking
Steve Hood, Director of Industry Services
David Schweiger, Community Colleges, Vocational and Technical Schools, and Secondary Institutions Representative (Special Appointment)
Timothy Flohr, Chairman, Board of Governors Eta Sigma Delta
Warren Goodsir, APacCHRIE President
Amy McCluskey Bardwell, CentralCHRIE President
Steven Rhoden, EuroCHRIE President
Tracy Michaud, NENA President
Andrea White-McNeil, SECSA President
Sandra Ponting, WFCHRIE President

I look forward to seeing you soon.



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