So Many Exciting Things Happening with ICHRIEPresident Lea Dopson speaks

Lea Dopson, President, International CHRIE

Greetings! I’m Dr. Lea Dopson, Dean of The Collins College of Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona and your 2021-2022 ICHRIE President.

I’m excited to be your President during these pivotal times for ICHRIE, and I look forward to building on all the successful work and progress made last year thanks to Immediate Past President Joy Dickerson, our three interim executive directors, the Board of Directors, and our hard-working committees.  I am also proud of the success of our first virtual ICHRIE conference, which was exceptional on all accounts. That conference alone brought five keynote speakers, 39 symposiums, 56 research presentations, more than 70 posters, and 20 Federation and SIG meetings safely to hundreds of ICHRIE members around the world.

We are now in the works of launching our new membership database software, MemberClicks, which will also come with a website facelift.  

And, we are developing new ICHRIE Research Reports with editors Nick Thomas, Chris Roberts, and Lisa Young that will bridge the gap between scholarly research from academia and application by the industry.

Additionally, our dynamic and growing Eta Sigma Delta chapters will now have ICHRIE membership for the first time as part of students’ ESD benefits.

Throughout the year and in all we do, we are focusing on helping educators and leaders on all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion, while developing partnerships with other associations and expanded industry affiliates.

I want to end by welcoming the new ICHRIE Executive Director, Fran Brasseux, and thanking again Immediate Past President, Joy Dickerson, for her leadership during a challenging time for ICHRIE and hospitality education, in general.

I look forward to the coming months and sharing our exciting progress with you all again soon. Thank you.  Stay safe and be well.


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