International CHRIE Membership

A World of Opportunity with International CHRIE

How ICHRIE Works for You
At International CHRIE, our goals are clear—provide our members with the ability to advance in the ever-changing field of hospitality & tourism; and, gain professional growth through opportunities designed to encourage dialogue and the exchange of information.

International CHRIE members have access to the largest international network of hospitality and tourism educators, industry professionals, students, corporations and associations. At their fingertips are academic and industry resources, publications with the latest research, cutting edge innovations and trends in hospitality & tourism. These benefits are invaluable in the classroom and in business operations.

With a robust and diverse network of members, the opportunity to increase visibility for yourself and your program as well as create and strengthen lasting relationships with peers and professionals has never been easier.

International CHRIE members have the advantage of cutting-edge industry research and trends, innovative products, solutions and services, networking events worldwide, opportunities to present and publish work, and the chance to be recognized and acknowledged by industry leaders and peers.

Our members are able to take part in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to meet others interested in particular subjects to share information and research and even collaborate on future publications.

Exploration doesn’t end there—join a committee, submit your research for review, attend annual and federation conferences and sign up with webinars offered from all over the world.

Who Can Join International CHRIE?

Membership is open to everyone interested in impacting the future of the hospitality and tourism industry.
ICHRIE Memberships Attract Members from These Three Sectors:

  • Industry: corporate professionals/executives in restaurants and foodservice, hotels and lodging, travel and recreation service; hospitality and tourism publishers; and suppliers.
  • Education: educators, researchers and administrators from schools, colleges and universities with programs in foodservice, hotels and lodging, travel and recreation services; graduate students; and retired educators.
  • Associations: association leadership and staff with an interest in hospitality and tourism education.

Our Global Reach
ICHRIE is truly an international organization representing members from all over the world. There is international representation in the organization’s governance structure and governing bodies. ICHRIE facilitates the international exchange of hospitality scholars and educators and contributes to maintaining the highest standards of education at all institutions of hospitality education globally.


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