Learn more about how International CHRIE is working to become more sustainable in our everyday work and Global conference carbon footprint.

Journals: All four (4) of ICHRIE’s journals are now published digitally. Print copies of journals are no longer sent out as we offer complimentary access for all ICHRIE members. 

Renewals: ICHRIE no longer sends out paper renewal information or return envelopes. The ICHRIE website is designed to handle this function for sustainability and ease of renewal for our members. 

File Storage: For the digital files we house, ICHRIE will be 100% online by summer 2024. There will no longer be additional computer and electrical needs required.  

Accounting: In our billing practices, we have been able to reduce the incoming paper bills by moving to paperless options. When ICHRIE transitioned in the fall of 2023 to our new accounting and finance company, we made the exciting move to an online option that will send out our checks when they can’t be sent electronically. This has cut down on the number of physical checks we print and the postage and envelopes to mail them. 

Office Space: The ICHRIE Headquarters is moving to smaller, co-shared office space in May 2024, which will reduce our energy consumption and need for individual services. As we take advantage of the smaller space, we continue to digitize ICHRIE’s information for our historical files. 

Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) Hospitality Honor Society 

Packaging: ESD has shifted to paper packaging for all materials that are shipped to chapter advisors to reduce our reliance on plastic packaging. 

Shipping: We aim to have ESD ceremony material requests with 5 weeks’ notice, allowing for slower shipping time selections and work to reduce the number of boxes that are shipped. 

Electronic Materials: All chapter resources are available on the ESD area of the ICHRIE website in digital form. 


Gold Premium Members

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