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The purpose of the ICHRIE Research Reports is to generate a series of peer-reviewed research reports that are based on academic research findings and is targeted towards industry practitioners. ICHRIE Research Reports translate academic research findings into practical applications. All hospitality and tourism topics that match the purpose of the publication are welcome.

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As research scholars, our diverse fields of interest and unique experiences interplay to give us different perspectives on solving problems. We put a great amount of thought, time, and effort into executing our research, then we find just the right publication outlet so we can share what we’ve learned for other scholars to study, reference, and discuss. Publishing in peer-reviewed scholarly journals brings additional validation to our work as reviewers provide feedback about the theoretical foundation, study design, and conclusions. Ultimately, having your research published in a top-tier journal is very satisfying and is certainly reason for celebration.

… but what about the “so what” question? In most cases, our research is inspired by a practical situation or problem faced by our industry, so it only stands to reason that we want to see the implications of our research make a difference for guests, employees, or businesses. Unfortunately, the best scholarly journals are not always the best platforms to share our research with practitioners and policy makers. These stakeholders crave the knowledge that comes from research that is backed by sound theories and solid methodology, but they want that knowledge presented in a more concise manner than we use in our traditional research publications.

We are fortunate that ICHRIE features a rich network that offers the opportunity to spread knowledge to industry practitioners and policy makers so that your work can reach the desks of the decision makers who will take advantage of the practical aspects of your studies. Industry engagement is a core component of ICHRIE’s vision statement, and ICHRIE Research Reports is one way that ICHRIE puts that vision into action.

ICHRIE Research Reports focuses on disseminating translational research to the hospitality and tourism industries. Published papers present the practical implications from academic research in a clear and actionable manner. Submissions should be written in an active voice, avoiding a strict scholarly tone. Papers submitted to ICHRIE Research Reports are peer-reviewed by both scholars and industry members with a target decision timeframe of 28 days. Links to published ICHRIE Research Reports are cross posted on industry websites and 3- to 5-minute videos will be created that feature the authors and summarize the research findings for use by industry and for classroom teaching. In addition, there will be a one-day virtual conference annually where authors can showcase their published work to industry stakeholders and other ICHRIE members.

We challenge you to go the extra mile with your research and take advantage of the benefits and satisfaction of publishing your work in ICHRIE Research Reports. For more information, visit the ICHRIE Research Reports homepage.

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