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Dr. Saehya Ann, President
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The first sentence that comes to my mind when I think back to the 2020-2021 academic year, and our 2021 Virtual WF CHRIE Conference, is “COVID-19 cannot stop WF CHRIE!” We chose to see Covid-19 as an opportunity for our organization. We had the first virtual WF CHRIE conference and it was a huge success with over 350 attendees, more than 75 submissions, three panel presentations, and three professional development sessions. We also hosted the first ever Research Hackathon, undergraduate students research competitions, several networking sessions, and an academic career fair/graduate program information session were attendees could meet and interact.

WF CHRIE has always been the place where members are actively engaged and where we can all interact with each another. We also always make sure to have fun while being productive. WF CHRIE provides a professional venue where educators, industry professionals, and students are all welcomed and gather together to create a set of shared values. As a member-centered organization, we welcomed new members and are excited by opportunities for mentorship and growth. WF CHRIE values cooperation between academia and industries, and it values a diverse and inclusive hospitality environment.

On behalf of the WF CHRIE board members, I appreciate our WF CHRIE members’ support and trust. We will do our best this year to make the WF CHRIE members’ experience at the 2022 Virtual WF CHRIE Conference memorable and meaningful!


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