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Dr. Henri Kuokkanen, EuroCHRIE President

EuroCHRIE represents over 300 International CHRIE members. The European Federation brings together educators from hospitality, tourism & event management schools and universities into a global network in close cooperation with industry representatives. Under the International CHRIE umbrella, both education and industry combine their efforts to shape the future of hospitality, tourism & events. EuroCHRIE offers an ideal platform to share information through conferences, publications, and individual networking. The organisation’s strength is based on its sheer force of sharing and exchanging ideas, visions, experiences, educational material, research, and technological know-how. 

Updates and more

  • A new ICHRIE Strategic Plan 2020-2025 has been approved by the Board. This new plan is based on several rounds of consultation with members, and has provided our mother organization ICHRIE with a lot of useful information that will result in a stronger focus, a big overhaul of activities and increased value for all CHRIE members. This plan will also provide us with input to make improvements on our services.
  • At the same time, EuroCHRIE is moving forward and is moving activities online to provide members with ongoing value, throughout the year. We started up webinars before summer and have continued them since the academic year started. We will implement a full roster of webinars over the next few months as we see that the attendance of these webinars is rising steadily. We already have a number of speakers lined up for future webinars, but if you are interested in sharing your knowledge and insights in a webinar for fellow EuroCHRIE members (and beyond), please inform our Director of Education, Mats Carlbåck, of your interest. Furthermore, we are busy developing an online platform in connection to our website to enhance future hybrid and online events. 
  • We still believe that our Annual EuroCHRIE conference is and will be of great value to all our members. This yearly event is the meeting place for our EuroCHRIE family and every single host has made each conference a memorable event where we can meet, make friends, sample local culture and share our knowledge. Our friends in Aalborg did their utmost to make the conference happen this October and were obviously disappointed when they had to postpone the event. However, they are committed to make the 2021 conference as great an event as they planned this year. So, mark 26-30 September 2021 in your agenda, and join us!
  • Because the Aalborg conference moved, this also has a consequence for future conferences. Our original 2021 conference in Apeldoorn has been moved forward to October 2022, and we are currently reviewing the bids for 2023. Also, the joint conference with APacCHRIE which will happen in Europe this time has been moved to 2024. 
  • With our Annual conference postponed to September 2021, we hosted an extra-special online event in March/April.
  • As you may see from the above, we are working hard to provide you with value, but we can only do so with your support. Membership renewals are due soon so please stick with us as we are trying to bring you new content and room for engagement during these difficult times for all of us!

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