Cruise Management SIG

ICHRIE Faculty will share ideas and information in this Cruise Management SIG to learn about the leading and the managing of cruise ships as it applies to; employee leadership; guest services leadership, personal leadership development of the crew; sustainability and environmental leadership and leadership on safety of life at sea (SOLAS). 

Fred DeMicco
Northern Arizona University
[email protected]
Vice Chair
Vinnie Rege
Bristol Community College
[email protected]


Welcome "Onboard" the H.M.S. (Her Majesty's Ship) Cruise Ship Management primer textbook.

In the new Cruise Ship Management book, you will learn about the cruise industry, career opportunities, and Cruise Industry trends with author and SIG Chair, Fred DeMicco.


Cruising has quickly gained a competitive and attractive advantage for a variety of travelers, their budget, and the experience they seek.  With the variety of onboard ship activities and amenities, cruise lines have created unique experiences in which travelers do not even need to leave the ship to enjoy a full vacation experience. From cruise casinos to rock climbing walls, hot tubs, roller coasters, wave pools, spas, wine tastings, and more, guests have unlimited experiences to fill up their day.

In addition, cruising offers a variety of culinary experiences from buffets to formal dining with the highest quality of ingredients, never leaving passengers hungry. With significant growth in the cruise industry (25 new ships this year, and 25 more next year), cruise lines have focused on their environmental impact and are making more environmentally conscious decisions to reduce waste and conserve fuel. Lastly, the cruise industry offers endless job opportunities while providing the unique benefit of staff to travel around the world.

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