Education Committee

The Education Committee, chaired by the Director of Education, was created to pursue goals related to teaching and pedagogy as laid out by the association through publications, webinars, networking events and more. 

Committee Members

Interim Director of Education (2023-2025)

Cynthia Mejia, Ph.D.
University of Central Florida
[email protected]

Shirley Guevarra
Director of Education, APacCHRIE
University of the Philippines
[email protected]
Amy Bardwell
Director of Education, CentralCHRIE
Illinois State University
[email protected]
Mats Carlbäck
Director of Education, EuroCHRIE
Örebro University
[email protected]
Dr.  Ya-Ling Chen
Director of Education, NENA
State University of New York Brockport
[email protected]
Dr. Kawon Kim
Director of Education, SECSA
University of South Carolina
[email protected]
Britt Mathwich
Director of Education, WFCHRIE
Colorado Mesa University
[email protected]
Ali Green
University of West Florida
[email protected]
Kristin Malek
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
[email protected]
Ruth O’Rourke
James Madison University
[email protected]
David Schweiger
Northampton Community College
[email protected]

Gold Premium Members

                                                        Florida Atlantic Univ                          FL Gulf Coast Univ                     FL International University                                                                                                                                                            Temple Univ                                                                  Univ of North Texas                Washington State Univ